It is part of our daily life to think about what we are going combine accessories to what we are going to were and what we are going to combine. Whether it's a casual, rebellious or formal ensemble, or to go out to dinner, spend a weekend in the countryside or just a normal day at work. Accessories can never be missing on these outfits.

Simply adding a leather belt can make a difference and in the type of style statement you want to project.

The style varies as the seasons changes even when including the latest trends. However, having accessories completes the set and how we want people to see us. In addition to belts, we can add accessories, hats, scarves, scarves, gloves, rings, bracelets, bags and or backpacks.


Leather Belts Carlos Santos Shoes

Simple Leather belts Carlos Santos Shoes can make all the difference. And they don't have to be just black and brown, you can take a chance on other colours. Carlos Santos Shoes has available the colours Bosco, Braga, Coimbra, Noir Shadow, Wine Shadow and Norte. There are six different colours of belt manufactured from cow lining and hand painted, with buckle without nickel and customized to sizes 80cm to 110cm. The leather belt has a soft touch and it’s a must-have for any type of sophisticated style.


Shoe Care Carlos Santos Shoes

Shoe Care Carlos Santos Shoes is not exactly an accessory to wear, but rather a kit that will help you treat your Carlos Santos Shoes models like no one else knows. This kit is a hand painted pouch that includes a leather shoehorn, two horsehair brushes and a natural wax. Created to take care of your shoes. Available in Braga and Coimbra.


Shoe Tree Carlos Santos Shoes

Take care of your Carlos Santos Shoes models with the Shoe Tree Carlos Santos Shoes, which will help you keep the shape of your shoes whenever you are not wearing them.