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Loafers for Men

Created in 1847 as a country house shoe for the landed gentry and the royal family, loafers for men have increased in popularity and evolved from casual footwear to becoming worn with city lounge suits. These particular shoes are often compared to moccasins. They do lack laces, but have elasticated inserts on the side which make loafers all that much easier to remove when necessary.

Particularly popular in Britain, where they were invented, the first loafer was made by Raymond Lewis Wildsmith of Wildsmith and was designed for King George VI as a household shoe. Subsequently, the loafer ended up being marketed and sold by other London shoe firms. They are now worn in many situations in a variety of colors and designs, often featuring tassels on the front and or metal decorations.


Classic Loafers for Men

We are currently living under what seems to be a sneaker frenzy. Everybody loves them and their popularity only seems to keep rising. Obviously, we have absolutely nothing against that, but sometimes the situation calls for another kind of footwear. Which one, you ask? Well, we would like to submit classic loafers for men to your consideration.

Very much an easy-going option, that can be dressed-up and dressed-down, worn with or without socks, they can help you cause a very cool first impression. On one hand, classic loafers can make you seem very relaxed due to their beach-like look; on the other, one can easily use a pair on a more serious situation, a meeting or just a random day at the office.

Whether you choose to use them with a suit or a pair of shorts, classic loafers can match almost every look fairly easily.


Penny Loafers for Men

Where did the name “Penny Loafer” come from? Well, the short answer would be: no one knows exactly. The long one though, involves many theories that may or may not be true. Some might try to convince you that it goes back to the 1950s, when American prep school students allegedly inserted pennies into the Diamond-shaped slit on their Wenjuns, hoping to make a fashion-statement.

Unlike others who believe that the origin of the name goes even a little bit deeper in the past, when people would slip two pennies into the slit, just enough money to make an emergency phone call in the 1930s. Whether one or the other is real or not is up to the reader, but what we now all know is that the term “penny loafers” started to be applied to this style of shoe, which continues to be used among people interested in a classical look, remaining a most-wanted among many groups, namely, but not exclusively, scholars and lawyers.


Suede Loafers for Men

Like many other kinds of shoes, loafers are made using one of two fabrics: leather or suede. Suede loafers for men tend to be reserved for Spring-Summer use, yet their delicate finish all but guarantees that the feet are protected from excessive moisture. They also have a much more casual design, making them an absolute winning choice for the kind of wardrobe destined to warm-weather climates, which is bound to be more relaxed them its Autumn-Winter counterparts.


Tassel Loafers for Men

At some point in the 1940s, an actor approached many shoemakers with a request that most interpreted as a delusion. He essentially wanted them to design a shoe on a tasseled style he came to know in Europe. And that came to be the birth of the tassel loafers for men, an ingenious choice for any occasion, maintaining a sober look, with an air or classiness, providing you with an elegant shoe. Tassel Loafers are a timeless choice, that does not sacrifice practicality in the name of sophistication.


Handcrafted Loafers for Men

There's nothing more comfortable than a beautifully made loafer. And there is nothing better than a handcrafted shoe, painstakingly crafted, from the minds of our creatives to the hands of our master craftsman. Our handcrafted loafers for men combine classiness with practicality, they are both functional and cool, refined and relaxed.

Handcrafted loafers are a choice for every occasion.

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