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Loafers for Men

Loafers first came to be during the XIX century, in 1847. They were created as a country house shoe, first designed for the landed gentry and the royal family. However, more than a century later, they have evolved.

Today, loafers are a very, very popular choice. From the stroll in the countryside to the intense business meetings in the city, they can adapt to almost every occasion. 


Loafers for men

Loafers for men were first created by a man called Raymond Lewis Wildsmith and specifically designed for King George VI.

Being of British origin, they still remain particularly popular in Great Britain to this day. Soon after they were invented, other shoe companies began to fabricate and sell them as well, which means they also became the target of numerous variations both in colors and designs.

However, the fundamentals remain: these should be laceless, with somewhat elastic inserts on the sides that make them easy to put on and take off.

They often feature tassels on the front or some kind of metal decorations, amongst other possibilities.

Loafers can be dressed-up or dressed down and can be used with or without socks. Either way, they certainly help cause a good first impression, whether it’s a casual day at the beach or alongside a business suit at the office.

Ultimately, it all depends on the choice between penny, suede, or tassel loafers.


Penny loafers

Penny loafers for men tend to be the most classic and formal choice. This is due to the material used to craft them: leather.

When looking for a new pair of these, intended to be used for city dwellings or office meetings, they can be a great choice to make for those interested in a more classical overall look.

Look at any businessman, successful scholar, or lawyer: chances are they will be wearing a pair of these beautiful shoes. 

Nonetheless, the origin of the name is slightly humbler. There are many theories around it, but two have remained. They both concern the “penny” – a small-value coin. 

The first theory goes back to the 1950s, when American prep school students allegedly began inserting pennies into the Diamond-shaped slit on their Weejuns, hoping to make a fashion statement.

The second theory dates back to the 1930s when people would slip two pennies into the exact same slit, which would be just enough money to make an emergency phone call in a phone booth.

However the case may be, the fact is the name stuck in our heads and penny loafers became a category of shoes on their own.


Suede loafers

Suede loafers for men often have the same design as the Penny variation, although there is one big difference: instead of leather, these are constructed using suede.

As such, these tend to be reserved for Spring-Summer use, naturally more relaxed than the Autumn-Winter period.

With a much more casual design, Suede loafers have a delicate finish that all but guarantees the feet become protected from excessive moisture. In warm-weather climates, these can be an absolutely winning choice.


Tassel loafers

Tassel loafers first appeared at some point during the 1940s when an actor approached many shoemakers with a request that most interpreted as a delusion. 

Essentially, he was searching for someone to design a shoe with a tasseled style he first saw in Europe.

It took him long enough, but soon the Tassel loafers were born. An ingenious choice that helps maintain a sober look and an air of classiness and elegancy, without sacrificing practicality in the name of sophistication.


Designer loafers

Few things can be more pleasurable than walking around in a beautiful pair of designer loafers. They can be comfortable, stylish, and when designed by Carlos Santos: handcrafted.

Painstakingly crafted from the minds of our creative team into the hands of our master craftsmen and women, our designer loafers for men seamlessly blend in class and practicality, functionality and coolness.

They are refined and relaxed, and a choice for every occasion. 


Loafers online

At our online shoe store, you can find handcrafted quality loafers made in Portugal. They are mainly constructed using the Goodyear Welted or the Blake construction systems, available in many different colors and styles, including the Suede, Tassel, or Penny loafers.

And whatever the choice of material may be, between leather and suede, visit our accessories page and learn about our shoe-care kits.