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Lace-Up Shoes for Men

Lace-up shoes for men are ingrained in the social fabric of today’s society. They are timeless, classic, and versatile.

Lace-up shoes for men come in many models and designs, from the Cap Toe model to the pinnacle of formality that the Oxfords symbolize. Each model has its own strengths, but they all share one common characteristic. 

Either designed with closed or open lacing, they adjust to the feet of the wearer by a shoelace passing through the eyelets.


Lace-up Shoes for Men

One could argue that since almost every man in the world owns a pair of lace-up shoes for men, then the brand, model, material, or even color one chooses to purchase does not matter at all.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. There is a greater need to distinguish yourself when wearing a pair of comfortable lace-up shoes for men.

As such, not only should we care about the brand we wear, but we should also pay attention to the construction process applied, as well as the materials used, which need to be of the highest quality. 

Only then do we decide on the color and the model of a luxury pair of lace-up shoes for men. But speaking of quality material.

Men’s Leather Lace-up Shoes

Men’s leather lace-up shoes allow you to create a timeless, sophisticated look. Achieving it requires a delicate combination of both modern and classic styles. This is where leather comes in.

Quality handcrafted leather gives Carlos Santos the ability to design new models that can keep up with the times, instead of being held captive by the past.


Designer Lace-up Shoes

Truly brilliantly designed lace-up shoes work with many different combinations, contexts, and circumstances. At Carlos Santos online store, you can find five different models, all designed with detail and passion.


Cap Toe Shoes for Men

Cap Toe lace-up shoes for men are an unforgettable classic. Their place on any exquisite shoe rack is due to their subtle elegance. The Cap Toe models effortlessly matches any and all wardrobe choices.

From formal dinner attire to the more casual luxurious summer vacation, Cap Toes can adapt to every context with its simple and clean design. A timeless classic.


Wingtip Brogue Shoes for Men

A perfect combination of smart and fashionable, Wingtip Brogue lace-up shoes for men provide a certain thrill to every shoe rack and outfit thanks to their unique perforations.

The classiness of the design is a staple of the sophisticated man. While most shoe adornments should be avoided, the Wingtip Brogue thrives on such an effect.


Derby Shoes for Men

Derby lace-up shoes for men are perfectly aligned with today’s menswear status-quo: casual by default. This means some of the best shoe designs of today must be able to instantly be paired with almost every attire.

Derby models designed for men perfectly fit the requirement. Yet, they do so by juxtaposition. The Derby can either provide a degree of class to an informal attire or relax a stricter one.


One-Cut Shoes for Men

Considered the pinnacle of formal footwear, One-Cut lace-up shoes for men exude elegance in every step. Designed with clean lines and a narrow, smooth surfaced shape, these provide unquestionable sophistication to the wearer.


Oxford Shoes for Men

With a subtle elegance that readily matches any cultured formal attire, Oxford lace-up shoes for men with a simple and clean design, are a truly unforgettable classic.


Lace-up shoes online

Lace-up shoes online designed by Carlos Santos have a unique look and an authentic feel, handcrafted with carefully chosen materials. 

Our shoe models are designed for any occasion, from casual to formal.

When looking for the next pair of lace-up shoes you may look no further than our online store. 

You will not only find high-quality lace-up shoes like the Wingtip or the Oxford designs, but also different but equally exquisite ones such as the Monk Straps or the Loafers.

We believe that even designer sneakers have a role to play, not only in our wardrobe but in our lifestyle. And if you’re looking for an even higher quality pair of lace-up shoes, visit our Handgrade Collection.

Or if searching for the perfect match, there is also a place for it.