Carlos Santos Collection

Carlos Santos Collection

Carlos Santos Shoes is one of the most well-known brands of male luxury footwear. Carlos Santos Collections, made in Portugal, has made its way throughout the world and continues its journey in every men’s closet, reaching further a sophisticated style.

With the Carlos Santos Collections, we embrace those challenges, affirming the passion, quality, and technique put into every pair of handcrafted shoes. Designed and created by a team that is proud and devoted to sharing our values with every customer.

Carlos Santos Shoes creates and develops high quality shoes for the high luxury segment. Materials are carefully chosen and verified before the transformation process begins. Our responsibility towards the final client is always under evaluation, through the rigor and commitment of our team of artisans and technicians.

Every pair of Carlos Santos Shoes goes through a process that may require more than 200 highly skilled handcrafted operations, with machines used only as a complement to manual labour. Goodyear Welted, Goodyear Flex, Blake, Bologna, handcrafted and Handgrade are the most used construction systems, making Carlos Santos Shoes one of the most exclusive in the world.

Our clients, suppliers and workforce make up the strength needed to innovate and create a truly rich product of extremely high quality you can find in:

  • Germany;
  • France;
  • The Netherlands;
  • Japan;
  • Belgium;
  • Russia;
  • The United States;
  • The Middle East and through Carlos Santos Shoes online shop.

Spring/Summer 2020

Spring and summer will soon be upon us. Every day, the world seems to be moving a little bit faster, and so this is the perfect opportunity to schedule a break, enjoy the long weekends and plan a few days to go on vacation with your significant others. In short, the time has come to re-energize and appreciate the sun. This was the inspiration behind the Carlos Santos Spring-Summer Collection 2020.

With a classic design intended for the urban lifestyle, Carlos Santos Loafers and Moccasins are truly a summer essential. Thought for the more casual dresser, as the season often requires, Loafers and Moccasins are easy to put on and off, extremely elegant and handcrafted with the finest leather.

Moccasins, besides being an indispensable item in a gentleman’s wardrobe, are one of the most timeless shoe types available. A light shoe with a hard sole, a pair of Moccasins will guarantee comfort and elegance with every step.

Both styles are often confused with one another, but, unlike the Moccasin, the Loafer has a separate sole, with an exposed ankle and a seam on top of the vamp. Loafers are extremely light and tremendously comfortable, considered the casual shoe par excellence – perfect for those days off.

Carlos Santos Spring-Summer Collection drew its inspiration from the colours of the season, offering the consumer a high degree of personality, without compromising on the elegance required for a luxury pair of handcrafted shoes.

Carlos Santos Collection - Spring Summer 2020
Carlos Santos Collection - Spring Summer 2020

Fall-Winter 2021

Re-styling the old classics is the inspiration behind the Carlos Santos Fall-Winter Collection. The focus is given to the many styles boots can offer, alongside the many colours they come in, which can perfectly pair with a small Winter escape.

Norte, Wine Shadow, Noir Shadow, Braga, Coimbra or Bosco help the collection achieve a certain retro vintage look, capable of giving the wearer a casual yet sophisticated style. This is due to the raw material used – British leather – and the history attached, rich in luxurious finishes.

Sleek boots can work either with formal or informal outfits. Their simplicity, combined with the protection they offer, is what gives them the advantage. Pair them with regular or slim-fit trousers for a more casual style and you will be ready for anything the harsher seasons may throw at you.

Carlos Santos Collection - Fall Winter 2021
Carlos Santos Collection - Fall Winter 2021