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Classic Shoes for Men

Today’s most classic shoes for men can trace their roots back to the XIX century, directly into some of the European fashion capitals of the time. This was when fashion began giving its first steps towards the general population, in particular with the birth of the first fashion magazines, which in turn lead to a healthy competition amongst European shoemakers.


What are classic shoes?

Classic shoes for men are shoe types and designs that have stood the test of time. Here and target of a few twists and improvements in order to keep in touch with society and times, their essence remains untouched.

In other words, classic shoes for men are a respectable choice when it comes to presenting a polished appearance. Different types of design may suit different occasions, from the job interview to a first-date or a more formal endeavour, with the classic shoe choice projecting the right image.


Types of classic shoes

Classic shoes don’t just differ from each other in appearance, but also in the way they are manufactured and produced. They may be simple or simply ostentatious; large or more compact; but whatever the case, they are the true original.

Comfortable and elegant, the Derby is one of the most popular designs in the book. They have what is considered a special cut, known as “open lacing”: both of the side quarters lie on top of the vamp, becoming the tongue. The Derby model has a keen resemblance with the Blucher design, a vital component of the countryside gentleman.


For the more casual dresser, the Loafer is the answer. Easy to put on and to take off, the classic loafer is the preeminent classic casual shoe. Sometimes, their design may be blurred with something of the traditional Moccasin, considered indispensable in any wardrobe today.

Boots, of course, are another classic piece. They began to have their presence noticed in the XIX century. Since then, fashion simply does not exist without a pair of boots for men. They can protect you from extreme weather while giving you a high degree of comfort, perhaps only attainable with another classic design: the boat shoe.

Now, these are two more designs that require special attention.

Monk Straps

Monk Straps

When it comes to classic shoes for men, one can’t skip Monk Straps. The Monk Straps were designed to provide that unique touch missing to the conventional man’s outfit. The buckle closure – which may come in many varieties – challenges the code of the more conservative styles.

Known as the ‘monk shoe’, this classic model also features a vamp and side pieces, as in Oxford or Derby models. However, the buckle holding them together is what sets it apart into a new category of its own.

Lace-up shoes for Men

Lace-up shoes for Men

Lace-up shoes for men are the most common design for a shoe. Lace-up models include the Oxford and the Derby, as mentioned above, and have been maintaining extreme popularity over the years. When it comes to choosing which classic shoes for men to go for, lace-ups are a sure winner.

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