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Double Buckle Shoes for Men

Certain debates will live forever, and just like no one will ever be able to express what the meaning of life is in a way that pleases us all, people may just never agree on whether Men’s Double Buckle Shoes than one buckle shoe. In the end, almost every debate that is worth having it’s a matter of opinion. You can either be a double buckle man or a single buckle type. As such, at Carlos Santos Shoes, we facilitate things by offering you both options and allowing you to realize who you are and what you like. If you aspire to show some personality in a flashier way, then men’s double buckle shoes are the way.

For starters, they are convenient, practical and versatile, which means that not only are you going to be able to enjoy having them in your feet for a long time, you will also find yourself quite inspired to make some sharp combinations that will really make your everyday look pop in a new way. Obviously, you want to dress to impress, yet that classy black suit sometimes feels like missing something? Well may we suggest a pair of men’s double buckle shoes? Just think about a Noir Shadow pair and let the perfect picture paint itself in your head.

What’s that? A friend just invited you to his wedding and you need a winning combination for that charcoal suit? May we suggest a double buckle pair with a brown shade that will undoubtably work wonders with that attire? Maybe a pair of the stunning Braga’s, or why not go darker with a couple of Coimbra’s? But we know what you’re thinking...

Can one use them in everyday combinations?

Of course! Don’t feel the need to dress up, but your friends invited you to hang out? Well, you know and we know, that you are the type of man that always wants to stand out in the crowd, Men’s double buckle shoes might help you doing that. Just pair them with a cool leather jacket or a white V-neck t-shirt with blue jeans and you’re set.


Double Buckle online

Everyone knows that the difference between a truly stylish person and a regular joe is the ability to look beyond the obvious. Anybody can wear a suit, a blazer or a leather jacket. It takes no effort aside from simply buying the item at hand. But, if you really care about what you project onto others when you walk, you most likely know it all lies in the combinations. A good jacket can help you, but if the rest of your attire either doesn’t match it or brings it down, the result will not be positive.

With shoes the exact same thing occurs. Like every meaningful thing in life, this too takes time. Time to handcraft a shoe worthy of what it promises to its future owner. Time to decide exactly what shoe it’s going to be. Which is why it is so convenient to shop on the online Carlos Santos Shoes store, allowing you to browse through the many beautiful options we propose.

Dreaming of the perfect pair of double buckle shoes? Just start looking for them now – they are right here. Whether you want them in black, blue or brown, you’ll find all kinds of sophisticatedly designed double buckles in our catalogue, made for a discerning consumer that knows what he wants and that won’t take anything below absolute perfection.

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