One-Cut Shoes for Men

Simple purity is elegantly beautiful. And nothing may exude more elegance than our One Cut shoes for men. With their clean lines, narrower shape, and smooth surface, they are the pinnacle of formal footwear. But that does not mean you cannot wear them with a pair of jeans.

Whatever the outfit, a pair of handcrafted One Cut shoes for men simply provide an immediate and unquestionable sense of pure sophistication.


What are One Cut Shoes for Men?

One Cut shoes for men are an Oxford style type of footwear that is renowned for being handcrafted from one single piece of leather. That is why men’s one cut shoes may also be referred to as single cut leather shoes, or simply wholecut shoes.

This means the upper is cut and handcrafted from one unique piece of leather, with the only visible seam being done on its heel. 

Another feature of the One Cut shoes for men worth mentioning is their closed-lacing system. Their distinct style reaches its peak when these two features come together to create a truly unique pair of shoes.


Features of the One Cut Shoes for Men

As stated, the two most important features of the One Cut shoes for men consist of their closed-lacing system and the fact that it is handcrafted from one single piece of leather.

The type of leather used is another feature of this particular shoe style. The leather must be of the utmost quality. 

When handcrafting a pair of quality One Cut shoes for men, the leather is extremely resistant, somewhat elastic, and possesses high tensile strength. Since it’s a single cut, the leather will be evenly stretched to its maximum capacity in order to adapt to the last and provide the unique look of the One Cut shoes for men.

The way they are made is also unique, requiring expert hands with a certain knowledge of history.


History of One Cut Shoes for Men

As happens with so many timeless designs, the invention of the wholecut or the One Cut shoes for men is rather unclear. In fact, there is no one credited for it. Nevertheless, they have been documented somewhere during the 19th century. 

During the time and age of the 1800s’, all industries, including shoe cobblers, had more freedom to push the limits. 

As time went on, the difficulty in crafting One Cut shoes for men together with the rise of larger factories, meant they were to become rare and scarce. Contrary to what it seems, being seamless requires not only extra care with the leather of the One Cut shoes for men but also more time to handcraft it. 

But as trends come and go, for the last decade or so the One Cut shoes for men have been reemerging as a way for bespoke shoemakers and designers to stand apart from those renowned for mass producing.


How to Wear One Cut Shoes for Men

One Cut shoes for men fascinate many shoe enthusiasts. With clean lines and no seams, their absolute minimalistic design is considered perfect for any formal or black-tie event, especially if they’re One Cut leather shoes.

But even when handcrafted in suede the One Cut shoes for men are still considered the embodiment of luxury shoemaking. If you live a more casual lifestyle but still want to impress your peers with exquisite taste, then the One Cut suede shoes are the way to go.

That being said, any look below the business-casual line should be considered risky. But not impossible.

One Cut shoes for men are still versatile enough to be paired with jeans, as long as a couple of rules are followed. To make it work, opt for a brown or tanned pair and make sure your jeans are well-fitted, without any signs of heavy wearing (including rips).

As an overall rule, also avoid wearing textured clothes and let their seamless, slim lines do all the talking and walking. Simplicity is key. And if you’re about to wear them with a suit, then black should be your favorite color.


One Cut Shoes for Men Online

At Carlos Santos Shoes, you can find quality handcrafted One Cut shoes for men online.  Our expert craftsmen and women build them according to tradition and use the best construction methods available, such as the blake stitch or the goodyear welt.

And to ensure they last you for a long time, learn how to take care of all your shoes with our own shoe care kit and shoe-tree.