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Derby Shoes for Men

Derby Shoes for men has become kind of routine to hear people pitch menswear items as a “must have”, the idea being that no wardrobe could be possibly considered to be complete unless you’re in possession of a certain piece of clothing. Having that said, is your shoe rack complete if you don’t have a pair of derby shoes for men? Well, of course not! Why? Simple.

Nowadays, menswear has changed and became casual by default, which means the best pieces are the versatile ones, those few shoes that can be paired with just about anything and provide you immediately with the exact kind of refined look you always want to keep. Derby shoes for men very much belong in that category. Want to maintain a cool informal look? They will class it up. Prefer a more serious one? Derby shoes for men will relax it a bit, without making a sophistication decrease.

They just can’t fail, no matter the situation.    


What are derby shoes?

Derby Shoes are a style of boot or shoe that’s characterized by quarters, with shoelace eyelets that are sewn on top of the vamp. A construction method that tends to be refered to as “open lacing”. Some people confused the Derby Shoes with Oxford shoes, the key difference being the laces. In Oxfords, the space between the eyelets tab will be sewn shut at the bottom. In a Derby, they’ll flap open when the laces are undone. So, yes, you now have a fun shoe-related fact to impress people with at dinner parties.


Suede derby shoes

When most people talk about the derby it is in comparison to the Oxford and in that regard, it must be said that derby shoes are an obvious evolution. On one hand, they are much more comfortable. On the other, they also possess a relaxed look that gives the shoes that rare kind of diversity that may just allow you to use it with all kinds of clothing, be it smart or casual.

Suede derby shoes are among the most popular choices, providing you with a sweet timeless look that can make for a strong choice if you’re thinking about going on a stroll through the city or dinning with friends, guaranteeing that sober style that never goes out of fashion.


Leather derby shoes

Leather derby shoes are easy to wear and care for. You can pair them with a black-tie suit without losing in seriousness. With some jeans or chinos, leather derby shoes will class them up, without taking away from the relaxedness of the overall outfit.


How to wear derby shoes?

An Oxford model is a strait-laced shoe, that should only be used in circumstances that ask for formality, while the Derby model is that go-to shoe that can always be trusted. It is as loose and fun as you want it to be. Want to pair it with some slim jeans? Go ahead and see how great you look. Oh, what’s that? You need something to wear with a three-piece suit? Well, the one-two punch of style that derby shoes constitute will most definitely guarantee you a uniquely refined look. To put it simply, derby shoes just work.

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