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Tassel Loafers for Men

Tassel loafers for men are one of the most popular descendants of the loafers’ original, classic design. 

Their style has been witnessing a resurgence among younger generations who are looking to stand-out from the crowd and share their elegant taste.

With decorative tassels adorning the vamp of a laceless shoe, tassel loafers for men can be both disruptive, and traditional. They are a bold choice and in this guide, you will learn everything you need to know, including how to wear a pair of handcrafted tassel loafers for men. Read on.


What are tassel loafers for men?

Like penny loafers, tassel loafers for men are a type of slip-on shoe with no laces. They also share other common features of the emblematic loafer shoe, such as the exposed ankle or the typical low profile or small heel.

What distinguishes the tassel loafers for men is their decorative detail: instead of the horse bit or the cut-out diamond strip, men’s tassel shoes feature a pair of knotted or frayed laces called tassels.

Some tassel loafers for men use these tassels as an integral part of the lacing system but, more often than not, these are decorative by design.

Tassel loafers for men are a stylish and elegant alternative to the more classic penny loafers. Although slightly less versatile than their original counterpart, they are still adaptable enough to be used on a great number of occasions.


History of tassel loafers for men

Tassel loafers for men were born in the 1950s when actor Paul Lukas went into the offices of a New York shoemaking company and asked for a renewed version of a pair of Oxford shoes with tassels he had bought abroad. He was looking for something similar but completely different at the same time. He did not like what he first received.

The actor then turned his attention to two other companies which, in turn, turned their attention to a much bigger shoemaking company called Alden for help. 

Tassel loafers for men were created when Alden opted to use the first model made but quickly understood it needed some big changes – they thoroughly decided to ditch any type of laces and use the loafer as the design’s foundation. They made a comfortable round last and used a strap with tassels as a decoration around the opening.

Naturally, Paul Lukas was very pleased. And so was the entire world, when it came to know the first pair of tassel loafers for men.


How to wear tassel loafers for men?

There are many ways you can use a pair of tassel loafers for men. They are an easy, elegant choice, particularly if you’re looking to stand-out. 

You can decide between leather and suede and the color you choose is what ultimately will decide when, where, and how to wear tassel loafers for men on each occasion. For a more relaxed look, tassel loafers for men pair well with light-colored chinos and a polo or Cuban-style shirt.

At work, tassel loafers with a suit can also be an option. However, we recommend wearing them in leather, with darker tones. This is for the tassel loafers for men to be able to maintain a certain sobriety required in the workplace.

The same applies to other types of formal occasions. A gala dinner or an important business meeting, for example, also call for darker leather tassel loafers for men.

But if you’re looking for a more cheerful tone, then suede may be the way to go. You can wear tassel loafers for men in suede for a stroll with the wife or a cheerful gathering with friends. 

This is particularly true for the spring-summer season, as suede is a soft, comfortable material.

At a wedding, tassel loafers for men can also be an option, although you should always keep the following in mind: they are handcrafted in leather, in either brown or black. But there’s more.

Make sure that the wedding takes place during the day and that your overall look is a classic one. Also, tassel loafers for men are capable of drawing much attention, so if you’re either a relative or the best-man, we suggest you keep it traditional – shoes included.

Last, but not least: socks. When it comes to the loafer shoe type, this is a common question. Nonetheless, it is quite simple to answer it.

When wearing tassel loafers for men with a suit, socks should be a part of the overall ensemble. They should be long enough to cover all leg skin and sober enough to let your shoes shine.

In any other instances, you can opt for a no-socks approach, which is perfect to highlight your tassel loafers for men and complement your look.


Tassel loafers for men online

The charm of a pair of handcrafted tassel loafers for men online by Carlos Santos can be found in more than “just” the tassels.

They are handcrafted according to the best construction methods available, in both leather and suede of the highest quality. Thanks to their versatility, they can also be used on any number of occasions, as long as you follow the recommendations given above.

Carlos Santos Shoes are fashionable, elegant, comfortable, and durable. They help you maintain a look that is both classic in nature and modern in flavor.

Our tassel loafers for men have a very clean and simple design, yet playful, alluding to a tradition of menswear: they make for great companions to a cotton suit or even to a pair of slim chinos and a nice shirt. They let others know you enjoy the finer details.

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