Leather Belts for Men

Let’s face it: you need leather belts. They’re a fundamental part of almost every professional outfit, and most casual ones too. Having that said, belts are much more than a merely functional piece, like all the other items of clothing you spend take thinking about and shopping, they communicate something to others about the one who wears them.

After all, aside from holding your trousers, they also possess the potential of being a great statement or a beautiful finishing piece to any worthwhile look, especially if you aspire to add a splash of colour to your overall wardrobe or want to distinguish a break from your midsection to lower body.

But, like any other piece, it will force you to make many other choices, like what material would you want it to be made out of or what size is right for you. In relation to that last point, as you will probably know a belt that fits you properly is usually bigger than your pant size. As for the material, we would like to suggest leather belts.

They’re classic and irreplaceable, representing something of hallmark for formal wear.

Which basically means that you really should have at least a few of them stacked in your wardrobe.


Handcrafted Leather Belts

Being that the belt is such an important piece in your overall attire, you don’t want to buy some sloppily made thing to adorn your wardrobe.

It just so happens that the team at Carlos Santos Shoes doesn’t want that for you either, as such, we would like to tell you about our precious handcrafted leather belts. Made out of cow lining, with hand painted anilines, nickel free buckles and adjustable belts, possessing a screw that is strategically placed in the back, which can be unscrewed, helping you to pull the leather and cut it wherever you want to. Though we can also make them at personalized measures between 80cm and 105cm.

So, if your wardrobe is missing one of this beauties, and you know you need and want one, be sure to rectify that as soon as you possibly can, be it through one of our physical stores or by ordering one online, we guarantee this is a purchase you will not regret.