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Shoe Tree

When you want something to last exactly as it is forever. It could be a good definition of love, right? This is exactly what happens to clothes you like – but you know only the true good ones, with true care, will stand the test of time. As such, you should probably think about investing in a pair of quality shoe tree, as they can really help you preserve them for a long enough time, that you will be able to use them and impress everyone around you for a good long while.

In case you don’t know much about them or want to be reminded of their function, shoe trees basically hold the shoe shape to prevent leather shoes from cracking and creasing while you have them stored.


Men’s Shoe Trees

Given that you are reading this, it´s probably safe to assume that you genuinely care about your shoes. Obviously, you recognize that they are a fundamental piece of your attire and know that if a pair of shoes is intended to last, then they must be treated with the appropriate level of attention, which means caring for them even when your feet aren’t firmly placed inside. How? With men’s shoe trees.

These brilliantly useful inventions are here to end the times of cracking and creasing shoes.

To achieve the best possible results, you should place them inside the shoes as soon as you take them off. In the process, men’s shoe trees also help your favourite items of footwear to maintain their shape by protecting the leather. Truly sophisticated shoes can be expensive; as such, remember the importance, not only of investing in quality, but also of taking proper care of them. So, get yourself a Carlos Santos shoe tree with your new Carlos Santos shoes, and enjoy the pleasure of the great things that last forever.


Women's shoe trees

As you will most certainly know, preserving the shape of boots is indeed a very though mission, being that the lower leg portion of the boot has little to no support when you’re not wearing it. Because of that, boots require women's shoe trees with a specific design to maintain and preserve their original shape.

After all, there are clothes you want to use just for one season or even for just one day – and they are great – but we’re talking about a different class here, the kind that simply becomes a part of you. Carlos Santos Shoes can help you with that, with our shoe trees for boots, specifically designed to keep them fresh and dry and even equipped with a toe spreader that ensures the proper fit.

While the back is filling both the heel and lower leg portions. Thanks to Carlos Santos Shoes boot trees, you can remain confident in your ability to leave the entire room stunned with your long last, high quality boots.

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