Shoe Tree

While a shoe tree may seem like an object only your great grandparents may have used, the truth is that it is probably one of the most essential parts of your shoe care routine – and, probably, the easiest to apply.

Although a shoe tree is in fact an “old” object, that is only because shoes themselves are items with a long, long history. First patented in 1905, these simple objects are an effective tool for maintaining the shape and structure of all your shoes, boots, and even sneakers.

The benefits they provide should always be kept in mind, particularly if you are a busy professional always striving to look sharp in a pair of quality, comfortable handmade shoes.


What is a Shoe Tree?

A shoe tree is a very simple device that is inserted into the shoe, while you are not wearing it. Its main purpose is to help maintain the shape and support of the shoe, while they are not in use. At the same time, they likewise help prevent the shoes from becoming creased, especially when they are made of leather.

Naturally, they are also made with a shape very similar to that of the human foot and are typically made of wood, plastic, or metal. 


Men’s Shoe Tree

A men’s shoe tree is the very same item, except specifically designed for men’s shoes, which tend to be wider and longer than women’s shoes.

This is because there are several different features between the feet of a woman and the feet of a man. Generally speaking, their size difference is one of the most noticeable, as men require wider feet to support their taller bodies. 

Another difference can be found in the rigidness and thicker skin of men’s feet when compared with the feet of a woman, which is usually more flexible and with thinner skin. 

These and other characteristics can affect the way all shoes fit you, as well as how comfortable they may feel. To ensure a good fit, it then becomes essential that you use a men’s shoe tree for any of Carlos Santos Shoes.


How to use a Shoe Tree

Learning how to use a shoe tree is really quite simple. Just insert it one shoe at a time, gently pushing it into place. 

The shoe tree should fill the shoe completely, from heel to toe, so as to help maintain its shape. Some shoe trees can also come with knobs or levers that further adjust them to the shoes, applying pressure as required and helping to stretch the leather, if need be.

When you finish, it is also important to keep your shoes in a cool, dry storage place away from any direct sunlight.

This simple method will further help you extend your shoe’s lifespan.

Lastly, we always recommend using a type of shoe tree made of wood to maintain all leather shoes, as this material helps absorb the moisture and prevent the leather from drying out. 


Types of Shoe Trees

The most exquisite types of shoe trees are those made of wood or cedar, such as those you find at Carlos Santos Shoes. Nevertheless, they can also be made of other materials, such as plastic or metal.

Plastic ones tend to be more affordable and appropriate for shoes made of synthetic materials but are not as suited to maintain the shape of leather shoes.

Less common than wood, metal shoe trees should be seen as a choice for wider shoes, or shoes which possess a higher arch.

Among these types of shoe trees, there are also those that are customizable to a specific shape or size of feet and also made with the same type of materials.


What size shoe tree do I need?

Generally, the best solution is for the shoe tree to be of the same size as the shoe itself. However, we always recommend choosing one size below the size of the shoe.

What is extremely important is for the shape and support of the shoe to be maintained and, by choosing one size smaller, you will always be sure these features will hold instead of taking unnecessary risks.


Shoe Trees Online

A shoe tree is one of the best accessories you can find to keep and maintain your shoes accordingly. 

At Carlos Santos Shoes, you’ll find the best shoe trees online. They are made of wood, adjustable, and available in a wide array of colors, perfect for our handmade leather shoes.