Monk Straps for Men

Known for their classical design, monk strap shoes feature minimal detailing. That is the reason why they display an uncluttered appearance of smoothness.

Monk strap shoes for men allow the wearer to walk through any occasion knowing every set of eyes will be glancing at the charisma they provide any outfit.


Men's Monk Strap Shoes

Men’s monk strap shoes can be seen as the always in-fashion option to make any wardrobe outfit pop-up.

In fact, whatever the occasion may be, these will most certainly fit in.

Pairing a pair of men’s monk straps shoes with a beautiful suit is almost mandatory. Whether fitted or slim, matching them with jeans is also a most viable option. Monk strap shoes are wonderful companions for jeans. And when looking for the bolder outfit, these can also adapt to the appropriate chinos.

Provided there is a perfect balance between a formal and casual style, monk strap shoes can be the answer you were looking for without even knowing it.


 What are Monk Strap Shoes?

Monk strap shoes can be thought of as a combination of the Oxford model and the Loafers.

Originally designed as an alternative to the more traditional lace-up models, they provide every wardrobe with a hint of wonder and amusement.

Instead of laces, they adjust to the feet by means of strips and buckles, which is also where they find their name. Double buckle monk strap shoes are the most popular members of the family, but single buckle and even triple-strapped variations can also be found.


Men’s Buckle Shoes

Monk strap shoes for men can also be referred to as Men’s Buckle Shoes.

At Carlos Santos, we design double buckle shoes for men, as well as their single buckle variation, both according to the Blake or the Goodyear Welted Construction Systems.

At our online store, you will find seven different models and almost as many different colors to choose from.

When it comes to acquiring a pair of quality buckle shoes for men, personal preference between double buckle or single buckle is key.

Both options provide enough elegance to achieve a formal look that remains stylish and modern, as well as enough sophistication to upgrade the more casual outfit.

There truly is no wrong answer when choosing a pair of handcrafted monk strap shoes. When there is no significant preference between a single or a double bucket, we suggest choosing according to the current needs of the wardrobe: single bucket is inclined to be more discreet, while the double buckle is simply unmistakable.


Single Monk Strap Shoes

Single buckles have a clean and stripped back appearance which tends to draw less attention to themselves. Choosing between a pair of single buckle or double buckle monk strap shoes comes down to personal taste and feeling.

As such, these are designed for the more subtle approach to an outfit. A winning choice that fits both the refined working environment as well as the dining party to be attended later in the day. 


Double Monk Strap Shoes

Simultaneously classic and refreshing, double buckle monk strap shoes allow to maintain a certain degree of seriousness while providing enough space to be creative.

Double monk strap shoes can be paired to perfection alongside imaginative colors, patterns, and textures, targeting different occasions and moments.

For an important meeting, a darker tan will be perfect for any business suit. And for the more relaxed mood provided by the weekends, a lighter tanned pair of men’s double buckles is the answer.


Monk Strap Shoes History

Like most footwear models, the original design of the monk strap shoes is mostly unknown. There are many theories, but they all remain unproved. 

What we know almost for sure is that these were designed for monks who needed to travel long distances throughout not only stable terrain but also hills and mountains.

Because of this, they were regarded as a natural upgrade for the double-strapped sandals they were used to wear.


Buy monk strap shoes online

We dedicate ourselves to the delicate art of handcrafted shoemaking. At our online store, you will find quality monk strap shoes produced according to the tradition, design, innovation, and passion we are recognized for.

Luxury monk strap shoes are suitable for many environments and are never dissonant of any specific mood. Alongside a sharp combination, these guarantee a turning head wherever you walk them into.