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Monk Straps for Men

Like many other kinds of shoes, the history of monk straps for men is unknown. There are many theories swirling around the internet that you could easily find, though all of them remain unproved. Monk strap shoes are known for their classical design, featuring minimal detailing and creating an uncluttered appearance of smoothness, allowing you to walk through the occasion knowing everyone in the room will use the next opportunity to google your shoes and uncover the charisma of monk straps for men.


What are monk strap shoes?

Think of a very stylish combination between an oxford shoe and a loafer and you’ll get an idea of what monk straps are all about. They are traditionally designed shoes that substitute the more traditional laces for the titular straps and buckles. Double buckle monk straps are probably the most popular members of the family, but you will also be able to find single and triple-strapped variations.


Men’s monk straps shoes

So, let us guess. You bought a suit, but now feel your wardrobe is missing a pair of shoes that will make your entire look pop just like you imagined. We have all been there. Allow Carlos Santos Shoes to jump to the solution: men’s monk strap shoes, the always-in-fashion option you have been looking for, without even knowing it.

Can you wear them with something other than a suit? Absolutely, as they make for terrific companions for jeans, whether they’re fitted or slim, providing you a look that consistently and successfully straddles the line between formal and casual. Something a little bit bolder for a party? Then just pair them with chinos and you’re set.

Whatever the occasion is, men’s monk straps shoes take you all the way.


Men’s double buckle shoes

It requires quite a lot of work to achieve a formal look that remains stylish. After all, even if you want to keep a certain style of seriousness, men’s double buckle shoes are perfect. Some people may think merely buying a suit makes it in order to attain that formal look. But like you, the sophisticated man with a special taste for the finer things knows that it all starts with the feet and what they wear. As such, you will most certainly be a subscriber to the philosophy that even formality requires a proper relationship with the concept of variation.

Which leads to the question: what do you do when you decide enough is enough with the regular brogue? Well, we think you should really consider men’s double buckle shoes. Simultaneously a classic and refreshing choice that packs a real punch, allowing you to pair them up with creative textures, patterns and colours, for different occasions and moments.

Going to an important meeting? A darker tan will make a terrific companion to any suit in your wardrobe. Going to an event that requires a look that’s just a bit less serious? A lighter tanned pair of men’s double buckle shoes guarantees to bring those warmer Summer vibrations to your outfit.


Men’s single buckle shoes

It’s the debate that keeps feeding the debates between shoe connoisseurs all over the world: who are the people that think two straps are better right? Or are they committing an act of heresy? Well, in the end, it all boils down to personal preference. Single buckle monk strap shoes usually draw less attention to themselves, so it isn’t exactly a stretch to call them the more subtle option, due to their clean and stripped-back appearance, making them very much a winning choice for a working environment that would certainly fit just about any definition of refinement.

Any other concerns? Want a choice of footwear that can be both seriously formal and snazzy and fun for the dinner you will attend after? Well, then just leave the buckle unbuttoned and feel those more relaxed vibrations go up your wardrobe and into your mind.


Handcrafted monk strap shoes

At Carlos Santos Shoes, we are dedicated to the delicate art of handcrafted shoemaking. We produce the very best shoes Portuguese wisdom can do. Case in point, our handcrafted monk strap shoes, so called because of their resemblance to the sandals worn by monks, constitute a quite versatile kind of shoe, suitable for various environments, without ever being dissonant with their specific mood. Men’s monk straps guarantee, alongside a sharp combination, a killer look that will turn heads anywhere you chose to take it to.

One thing is for certain: if you don’t have already purchased your pair by now, there is a handcrafted monk strap shoes sized space in your closet, waiting to be adequately filled.

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