Sneakers for Men

All sneakers share one common trait: we enjoy wearing them. Their comfortability is one of their main strengths, but their design versatility is also quite unparalleled.  

Artists from all over the world can look at a pair of sneakers and treat them as a blank canvas on which they can share their unique vision. So much so that large groups of people have invested large amounts of money collecting them.

Some are worn, and some are considered a piece of art with their price tags going up into the thousands of dollars.

The fact is they have become a favorite of the footwear industry. Slowly but steadily, they have risen both in number of everyday wearers and in number of contexts on which it is acceptable to wear them. 

Today, there is a wide array of fashion choices that include sneakers for men, ranging from the relaxed to the smart-casual styles.


Sneaker Shoes for men

Sneakers for men have been embedded in our shared culture, mainly from the 1980s and 1990s, and in particular from within the film and the music industries. This is not unique in itself, as it has also happened with other styles of shoes. 

While lace-less boots were in vogue during the 1960’s and the very beginnings of the rock scene, today hip-hop is the dominating music genre, and hip-hop culture, i.e., urban culture, would not be the same without sneakers.

This just goes to prove how much they have evolved, since they were mainly used by school pupils or outdoor activities.

Understanding their context and evolution made us more aware of the importance they have attained in a world where movie stars, dressed up by the most recognizable fashion designers in the world, stroll the red carpet in a pair of designer sneakers.


Designer sneakers

As with designer shoes, designer sneakers by Carlos Santos are handcrafted with selected materials and specialized patterns.

Alongside the technical prowess of our artisans, the same fashion principles are applied to create unique luxury items.

However, deciding on what designer shoes to acquire might prove more difficult than expected. As a rule of thumb, there are three topics to consider.


It’s an investment

Acquiring a high-quality pair of designer shoes should be seen as an investment on premium materials and craftsmanship. Taken together, these are what create the foundation for everything else that follows.


They’re comfortable

When it comes to sneakers, comfortability comes ahead of style. A pair of designer sneakers should be worn time and again. Every day, if necessary.

As such, they should be comfortable, which we make possible by handcrafting them using premium materials.


They provide alternatives

If they are to be worn time and again, they should have the potential to match more than enough style combinations. Fortunately, designer sneakers provide us with many design possibilities, either by mixing different materials such as leather and suede or by keeping it clean, with simple and flexible colors. 

At Carlos Santos, we pride ourselves in working with one particular material for constructing and designing shoes: leather.

Our designer sneakers are handcrafted from high-quality leather and materials, with passion and detail. Together with their comfortability and many style possibilities, the choice to acquire them is nothing but a sound investment.


Leather sneakers

Elegance is at the core of Carlos Santos Shoes. As such, we design leather sneakers in Portugal more appropriate to the continuously renewed customs of our society. Today, fashion is casual by default.

Everyone chooses to demonstrate their elegance in a more casual way. 

This is also true for the footwear industry and is what we have achieved with our designer leather sneakers, which can be easily combined with either an office suit or a smart-casual outfit, sweater, and jeans.


Sneakers online

At the Carlos Santos online shoe store, you find quality handcrafted sneakers online, suitable for almost every situation. They are handcrafted with carefully chosen materials, designed for an exceptional and comfortable look.

We believe sneakers to be more than just a trend. They have a role to play, not only in our wardrobe, but in our lifestyle. So if you are in search of a high-quality pair of these online, you may look no further than our sneakers shop.