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Leather Sneakers - Brody Cam Mast Universe-Nappa Mast 8564
Leather Sneakers - Brody Cam Mast Universe-Nappa Mast 8564
€ 279.00€ 195.30

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Whether classic, luxurious or casual, sneakers have become the favourite footwear to many of our shared urban tribes. With the line between everyday life and work life becoming blurred by the day, the handcrafted leather sneakers Brody by Carlos Santos Shoes have become the perfect choice for the elegant, yet casual, everyday man. They are available in Camurça Mast Universe-Nappa Mast 8564 colour.

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Take care of your suede shoes with the brushes made for it. Passing in a delicate way, the brush will remove stains and dust, giving a soft touch to the model. Carlos Santos Shoes has a shoe care kit available with an appropriate brush for this type of shoe care.