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Lace-Up Boots for Men

Men’s lace up boots have their shafts extending above the ankle and may come in many varieties. As their name directly expresses, lace up boots are boots fastened by means of a shoelace that is laced through the eyelets of the boots. Most lace up boots for men are handcrafted with a closed lacing, but there are those handcrafted with an open one.

Lace up boots with open lacing have their side pieces lie on top of the vamp, which in turn moves seamlessly into the tongue of the shoe. On the contrary, lace up boots with closed lacing have their side pieces attached beneath the vamp, which closes above the sewn-in tongue. These types of lace up boots for men look as if handcrafted from a single piece of leather.

It is impossible to imagine men’s fashion without a pair of boots. Lace up boots for men by Carlos Santos can offer any shoe rack a retro-rugged element, which provides not only an excellent finish for an outfit but also special protection against cold and humid weather, alongside a high degree of comfort. As such, they are perfect to wear in the city or the countryside. At the office, lace up boots should be worn only after thoughtful consideration, featuring leather soles elegant enough in appearance.

Practical and comfortable, versatile and stylish, men’s lace up boots can be worn from your day-to-day work directly into your weekend break with ease. They can match smart casual or even semi-formal outfits, thanks to their slightly roughed appearance, ideal for cosmopolitan styles.

Whether in classic colours such as black or brown, or edgier choices like dark green or blue, men’s lace up boots will pair extremely well with slim-leg trousers, oxford shirts, and denim or leather jackets.


Handcrafted lace up boots

Handcrafted lace up boots by Carlos Santos have hand-finished nuances that arise along the skin of the leather.

They are a classic model, considered timeless.

Men’s lace up boots have a particular characteristic that sets them apart from other types of boots for men: they have a rugged, rubber-bottom combined with a gracious leather upper, that can get the wearer anywhere they need in a comfortable style. In other words, these boots were truly made for walking.

To ensure their comfortability, men’s lace up boots must fit the feet. When trying them on, feet should feel snugged, as if embraced, and comfortably supported. The right size also means you can fit one finger behind the heel, without the toes pressing the end of the boots.

And while boots are extremely durable, they often get dirty. To clean a pair of men’s lace up boots, soak the laces in warm water with any common cleaner; use a cloth to clear off loose dirt and then use a scrubbing brush to deal with any marks left behind. With a slightly wet cloth, wipe them entirely, and leave both the laces and the boots out to dry naturally. Then, it’s time to lace up the boots.

Lacing can make a big difference when it comes to the outfit chosen. Learning how to tie them up can not only secure the feet correctly and prevent any injury, but also become a statement of your own, setting you apart from the crowd.

There are many ways of tying the laces of a pair of boots for men: the crossover lace pattern is the more traditional and the over-under crossover the more secure; the heel lock get its inspiration from runners and the army lacing pattern offers both flexibility and safety. But whichever the pattern chosen to lace up a pair of boots for men, always cross your laces with the same approach, in opposite manner on each shoe, with both looking straight and with the right length of shoe lace. 

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