Lace-Up Boots for Men

Somewhere between the casualness of the sneakers and the formality of the dress shoes sit the lace-up boots for men. Sometimes, they can even be understood as the perfect footwear choice, since they are a classic, timeless model, adaptable to almost all occasions.

Whether within the urban casual stroll through the city, the graceful business meeting, or the rough outdoors, lace-up boots for men do more than just get you comfortable and protected. They seamlessly combine fashion and functionality.


What are Lace-up Boots for Men

Lace-up boots for men are boots that are tied and secured by a shoelace. Their original design meant them to be used in harsher weather conditions and tougher terrain trails, but their features soon brought them into everyday use.

Today lace-up boots for men are as much a fashion choice as they can be a necessity.

It all depends on what – or where – you will be wearing them. How you outfit them is also important, but first, let’s explore the types of lace-up boots for men you can find at Carlos Santos Shoes. 


Types of Lace-up Boots for Men

At Carlos Santos Shoes all types of lace-up boots for men are handcrafted by a team of expert craftsmen and women in either leather or suede. To both these types of lace-up boots for men, Chukka boots are also worthy of note. 


Leather Lace-up Boots for Men

When it comes to elegance, leather still is the go-to material of choice. Leather lace-up boots for men are versatile, very resistant, and long-lasting, as well as easier to take care of.

They can offer a retro-rugged element that, combined with a gracious leather upper, can take you anywhere you need in style.

When handcrafted in leather, lace-up boots for men usually stand tall and a little over the ankle and can easily be used either outdoors or amongst the cosmopolitan city jungle. 


Suede Lace-up Boots for Men

Usually, suede lace-up boots for men feel more at home within the smart-business-casual environment. In other words, they can be the more elegant choice, particularly if you work in an office atmosphere.

However, unlike leather, suede is more appropriate to be used in dry weather or, at least, when it’s not raining or snowing.

This is because suede is highly permeable, with a tendency to stain.

On the other hand, suede is lighter and more breathable, which makes it perfect for spring and summertime. 


Chukka Boots for Men

Chukka boots for men deserve to be mentioned because they are a very particular type of lace-up boots for men. While most types stand a little over ankle-high, Chukkas are widely renowned for stopping at the ankle.

Their sole is also thinner, helping enhance the elegance they lend anyone who chooses to wear them.

Usually handcrafted in Suede, Chukka boots combine lightness and elegance which makes them the perfect choice for the business-casual man. But do not be mistaken, Chukkas can be dressed up or down, and when handcrafted in leather, their formality improves significantly.


Styles of Lace-up Boots for Men

Styling your lace-up boots for men and learning how to wear them is of the utmost importance to bring forth their main features.

First, learning how to wear them: to ensure they fit comfortably, lace-up boots for men must fit perfectly. When trying them on, your feet should feel snug, as if embraced, and comfortably supported. The right size also means you can fit one finger behind the heel, without the toes pressing the end of the boots.

Lacing can also make an immense difference when it comes to the outfit chosen. Learning how to tie a pair of lace-up boots for men can not only secure the feet correctly and prevent any injuries from happening, but they can also become a statement of your own, setting you apart from the crowd.

There are many ways of doing this: the crossover lace pattern is the more traditional while the over-under crossover is the more secure; the heel lock gets its inspiration from runners and the army lacing pattern offers both flexibility and safety. 

But regardless of the pattern chosen, always cross your laces with the same approach, in an opposite manner on each shoe, with both looking straight and with the right length for the shoelace. 

Whether in classic colours such as black or brown, or edgier choices such as dark green or blue, lace-up boots for men pair extremely well with slim-leg trousers, oxford shirts, and denim or leather jackets.

Thanks to their slightly rougher appearance, they are ideal for the cosmopolitan style, matching the smart-casual or even the semi-formal outfit to perfection.


Lace-up Boots for Men Online

Handcrafted lace-up boots for men by Carlos Santos can be found online with hand-finished nuances that arise along the skin of the leather.

At our online store, you can discover classic designs that have been rethought to fit contemporary times.