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Penny Loafers for Men

Where did the name Penny Loafers come from? Well, the short answer would probably be a simple no one knows. The longer ones about the Penny Loafers involves theories that may or may not be true, but consist of fun anecdotes to tell at a dinner party, so you might as well know them just in case you need material to impress friends or break the ice while on an awkward elevator ride.

As such, some may try to convince you that when American prep school students in the 1950s, hoping to make a fashion-statement, inserted Penny Loafers for men into the Diamond-shaped slit on their Wenjuns, a short term for Norwegian. Others believe that two pennies could be slipped into the slit, enough money to make an emergency phone call in the 1930s.

Whether one or the other is real or not is up to reader, so all we know about the topic of penny loafers for a fact is that we very much like them and at Carlos Santos Shoes we make quite good ones.



What are penny loafers?

The penny loafer is essentially a subversion of the simple loafer, adding a decorative touch by including a strap running horizontally across the vamp of the loafer. The strap’s design looked like a pair of lips, that people used to style by adding certain items, including a penny, which in 1950s England was enough to make a phone call in a just about any pay phone.



Penny loafers for men

While you won’t be able to do much with a single example of its namesake coin nowadays, penny loafers for men continue to be a stylish option for all seasons as the shoe just is a great addition to any wardrobe. You can wear it with jeans or khakis. Want a great truly relaxed look for summer?

What about some shorts accompanied by a pair of penny loafers with no socks?

Could you wear it with a suit? Of course, because its simplistic style and easy adaptability allows it to achieve a rare kind of versatility. As previously stated, no one knows for sure when they showed up, but we do know they have become a classic staple of a quite fashionable past. And as they always say: “nothing beats a classic”.


Handcrafted penny loafers

Part of what makes Carlos Santos Shoes handcrafted penny loafers so different from everyone else’s is the painstakingly meticulous process that only ends when our customers first wear them.

Their existence begins at the minds of our creatives and then goes directly to the hands of our master craftsman, resulting in a winning pair of shoes that can easily be teamed up with a variety of looks, depending on whatever your needs or wants are, guaranteeing that handcrafted penny loafers make for a choice that never goes out of fashion.

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