Single Buckle Shoes for Men

Single buckle shoes for men are admired all over the world.  Their design is truly unique – certainly one of the main reasons why they are such a popular choice, together with their double buckle counterpart. 

Some people argue that single buckle shoes for men are the only way possible to ever wear buckles on shoes.

We believe both styles have their merits. They should be understood as a complement to each other and chosen for different purposes or occasions. 

So let’s explore the reasons why you should own a quality pair of handcrafted single buckle shoes for men. 


What are Single Buckle Shoes for Men

Single buckle shoes for men are a classic type of shoe. They can also be known as “monk straps”, “monk shoes”, or simply “monks”. The reason for this resides in their history, which you can briefly explore below.

Nonetheless, what they’re really known for is their unique laceless design. Not just laceless, mind you. Instead of common shoelaces, single buckle shoes for men are tightened to the feet by way of straps with one or more buckles – hence, the “monk straps”. 

You can think of this strap as a belt that was specifically designed for this unique purpose.

When there’s only one strap and one buckle, you have the single buckle shoes for men. If there are two straps, then they’re the double buckles or the double monks. 

Single buckle shoes for men, as well as the double buckle variation, have already stood the test of time. More than two buckles are generally considered superfluous or just simply uncalled for.


How to wear Single Buckle Shoes for Men

Wearing single buckle shoes for men relies on understanding their main appearance features. Most single buckle shoes for men have a clean and stripped appearance. Their buckles should be what shines through any outfit – they should be always working as an invitation to be looked at. 

One must also remember that the single strap monk shoes reveal strong character and personality.

This does not mean that the single buckle shoes for men shouldn’t be used in a casual setting, but that the choice should be made carefully. Very carefully.

If going for it, begin with a pair of blue jeans and an open oxford shirt, for example. Another version could be the black t-shirt and grey trousers ensemble, paired with black single buckle monk shoes.

Wearing single buckle shoes for men within a business environment is not only a possibility, but highly recommended. Whether you’re going for the smart-casual, the business-casual, or even the full-on formal attire, single buckle shoes for men will just make any suit pop. 

And to further strengthen the personality that comes with any pair of single buckle men’s shoes, here’s a little secret: pocket squares. Small, simple details like this, doubled with structured suits and patterned ties will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Single buckle shoes for men possess a charm that can be both classic and contemporary. They elevate any man wearing them to the role of the refined gentleman. Someone with a strong personality, who can appreciate the finer things in life.


History of the Single Buckle Shoes for Men

The history of single buckle shoes for men begins with the study of its alias: the monk straps. Men’s single monk strap shoes are exactly what they sound like: they were worn by monks, who were used to roaming the lands, all those centuries ago.

Except, instead of shoes, they were kind of like sandals strapped on by buckles.

As time went on, so did its design. The modern version of the single buckle shoes for men remerged during the XX century, now less an exclusive laboring type of shoe but more a fashionable character choice.


Single Buckle Shoes for Men Online

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