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Types of Shoes for Men

29 . 6 . 2022

Carlos Santos Shoes

There are dozens of types of shoes for men. Getting to know absolutely all of them can be a real lifelong learning experience.

How are Shoes Made?

7 . 6 . 2022

Handcrafted Shoes

Shoes can be made in many ways. However, all ways require a few points that are essential to the whole process. Learn more about it here!

Sacchetto shoes

11 . 5 . 2022

Handcrafted Shoes

Sacchetto shoes are also known by a different name: Bologna shoes. The sacchetto style is unique in its flexibility and comfort.


3 . 5 . 2022

Handcrafted Shoes

Leather can be used to make clothing apparel like jackets, quality shoes such as the ones we handcraft at Carlos Santos, home décor pieces like sofas, and even upholstery for luxury cars or sports equipment like baseball gloves. 

Shoe Anatomy

20 . 4 . 2022

Handcrafted Shoes

Shoe anatomy is the terminology used for the division of each of the parts that make up a particular type of shoe. Learn all about it here on our Blog.

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