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Shoe Care Kit

Shoe care can be an art in itself. Just think of the thousands of shoe care products there are to take care of a pair of shoes. Think of the materials that are possible to include in every tool of your shoe cleaning kit. Think about the many different ways to properly clean a shoe.

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to the subject of how to take shoe care seriously – this is where we begin.

You do not need to be a shoe collector to know how to take care of your shoes. You do not even have to be a connoisseur. Shoe care is extremely important for one simple reason: upkeeping.

When you invest in a brand-new pair of handcrafted shoes, you are also making sure they have enough quality to last you a long time. Naturally, there are many elements that influence this, including shoe care practices.

Shoe care helps you maintain the wonderful appeal that made you purchase a particular pair of shoes in the first place. With the best shoe cleaner, you’ll be sure your shoes will keep looking fantastic and always shining. 

Not only that but there is also a psychological trait attached to shoe care. 

As it happens with the way you dress or the shoes you wear, shoe care also helps you share a message with the world: it tells that not only do you know how to dress well, but you also know how to take care of it. In short, you are a confident and responsible man.

Whether within a more formal setting such as a wedding, a professional occasion such as an important meeting or a job interview, or a casual dinner with the wife and friends: learning how to shine your shoes with the right shoe care kit will transform your outfit.


What is a Shoe Care Kit?

A shoe care kit, or a shoe cleaning kit, is nothing more than your personal collection of shoe care products and items. It can be as big or as small as you want it or need it to be, with different tools, made from different materials, to help you take care of your shoes.

At Carlos Santos Shoes, we developed a shoe care kit that is optimized for the types of shoes we make available. It includes a shoehorn, several brushes, and a natural wax, all stored in a beautiful men’s pouch you can always take with you.

Always keep in mind the benefits of properly taking care of your shoes: shoe care helps you maintain your shoes for longer, it helps stop the leather from creaking, and – perhaps most importantly – it helps you keep a refined, elegant look.


Shoe Care Pouch

Our shoe care pouch shares the same attention to detail as all our shoes and is hand painted in six different colors: Bosco, Braga, Coimbra, Noir Shadow, Norte, and Wine Shadow.

As you might have already guessed, these are some of the colors in which our shoes are available. Ideally, you would acquire the shoe care pouch with the same exact color as your handcrafted shoes, to keep the elegant style flowing.


Leather Shoehorn

Inside the shoe care pouch, one of the first things you’ll find is the leather shoehorn. A shoehorn is an item used to help your feet stay comfortable. Not only that, but it is also helpful to use a shoehorn to protect the backside of the shoe, as well as the inner linings.

Like the shoe care pouch, the shoehorn in our shoe cleaning kit color matches the pouch which, in turn, should be the color of your shoes.


Horsehair Brushes

Our horsehair brushes are the item you’ll probably find most interesting within the shoe care pouch. As the name implies, they are used to brush your shoes, namely those handcrafted in suede. 

However, unlike most common brushes, horsehair is thicker, which will not only make it easier to brush the shoes but will also last you longer.


Natural Wax

Last but not least, our shoe care kit also comes with natural wax. If the brushes are the item you should use to take care of your suede shoes, then this natural wax is what you should use to keep your handcrafted leather shoes shining.


How to use a shoe care kit

From time to time, you should use your shoe care kit to keep your shoes elegant and brand-new. Depending on the type of material chosen for your shoes – either suede or leather – there is an appropriate way to clean them.

The longer horsehair brush is used to clean your handcrafted suede shoes. To do this, simply (but gently) brush them alongside the grain, making sure all the dirt is brushed off.

When cleaning leather, natural wax is the way to go. Apply a small quantity of the wax on the shoe and gently spread it evenly all over the shoe until you’re satisfied with how it looks. Then, let it sit a few hours before using them – ideally in a shoe tree.


Shoe Care by Carlos Santos Shoes 

The shoe care kit by Carlos Santos Shoes was developed with the same values we put into every single one of our handcrafted shoes. It’s a worthwhile investment that is sure to keep your shoes bright and shining for many years to come.