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Shoe Care Kit

If you are a Carlos Santos Shoes client it’s pretty safe to assume you are looking for a shoe care.

You may not necessarily be a collector, but you are a stylish person that recognizes the importance of thinking meticulously about what you wear, how you wear it and how you take care of it. So, if you have already invested your money in a pair of shoes, you most likely want to ensure you have the right shoe care to maintain that wonderful look and touch for a quite long time.

Well, if such thoughts have been plaguing your mind recently, we would like to tell you about the many advantages of investing in upkeeping. Beyond learning to condition your leather shoes and therefore stopping them from creaking, learning how to shine your shoes with the shoe care can also really help transform an outfit. Whether you’re going to attend a friend’s wedding or going to a job interview, shining shoe exudes confidence, awareness and really communicates to everybody around the kind of man you are.


Shoe cleaning kit

In our humble opinion, shoe care is in itself an art and a task that few people seem to be able to recognize the importance of, which is nothing short of shameful, because a shoe will only be at its best when cleaned and well maintained.

Not only that, but the process of preserving a shoe provides many other advantages like really teaching you the importance of discipline in clothing and helping show the world a certain air of refinement that will tell others that you are someone that takes pride in his appearance and always wants to put his best foot forward. Having that in mind, Carlos Santos Shoes has come up with a kit that, should you acquire it, will help you take care of all the various shoe-related tasks you may need to complete in order to have a properly cared footwear.

You will get a hand painted pouch where you can store a shoehorn in leather, a couple of brushes in horse mane and natural wax. We have them in lighter and heavier brown tans that will lighten up any shoe rack. So, if you want to ensure your footwear always look their best, this is a product worth investing in.

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