Leather Sneakers for Men

Leather sneakers for men are an essential part of any XXI century wardrobe. In short, every man should own, at least, one pair of these.

The fact is that every pair of shoes we buy inevitably sends out a message to the world.

As such, a pair of beautifully handcrafted boots or lace-ups is as important as a pair of leather sneakers for men.

However, this is not the same as saying any pair of leather sneakers for men will suffice. Yes, today’s fashion may be more casual than it was a few decades ago, but that should not be understood as a synonym for laziness.

So, how do you choose the best leather sneakers for men available? Read on.


What are leather sneakers for men?

Leather sneakers for men are an elegant, sophisticated solution to dress both tastefully and casually.

Many opt to look at a pair of leather sneakers for men and see them all the same: indifferent to the many possibilities they can offer. The simple truth is that modern-day culture simply requires every man to own a pair of premium casual leather shoes.

Leather sneakers for men can be your solution. Our casual, slim sneaker designs can offer you a great level of versatility and can be matched to almost everything from jeans to dress trousers for the office.

With a simple, yet elegant design, premium leather is hard to beat when choosing a pair of handcrafted sneakers that you can wear season after season.

Whether you are walking into an important business meeting, or just getting to know a new city with the wife or friends, leather sneakers for men reward you with an air of casual sophistication that just screams personality.


History of leather sneakers for men

You probably already know the history of leather sneakers for men, if only subconsciously. Every pair of sneakers began as a sporting shoe, particularly basketball.

Sneakers were used in all kinds of sports and activities, but basketball is the one that best helps us explain how everyone began walking out from the court and into the streets, slowly but steadily.

As the sport’s attractiveness grew within society, so did the shoes players were used to wearing. This became especially intense when “signature” shoes started to develop. 

By now, if you are looking for a pair of leather sneakers for men, you have probably heard about Michael Jordan and his signature sneakers. At the time, people loved them. They still do but the matter of fact is that they are extremely flamboyant.

Today, you can step into an office with a pair of leather sneakers for men with a slim and straightforward design. You cannot do so with an all colorful high-ankle sneaker boot.

Nevertheless, these were the 1980s and if signature sneakers worked at sports courts, they could certainly work with artists. Rock music had its boots, but in the 1990s grunge and hip-hop artists had their sneakers. 

Fast-forward to the turn of the century and sneakers are everywhere. Pop culture embraced them, and casual fashion is also being born – which leather sneakers for men are just a perfect fit for. 

So, how should you wear them?


How to wear leather sneakers for men?

First things first: they simply look great and learning how to wear leather sneakers for men essentially comes down to one of two options: you can either style up your casual attire or bring your business look down to earth.

Ideally, you’ll want a pair of leather sneakers for men capable of doing both.

This can only be achieved by purchasing a pair of leather sneakers for men with a minimal design, such as you find at Carlos Santos Shoes, perfected by sober colors and neutral shades. These are both the best leather sneakers for work, as well as the best option for casual meetings.

Leather sneakers for men can be very versatile, but you should always keep in mind they are not suitable as a dress shoe nor should they be used for formal occasions, such as a wedding.

Other than that, the world is your oyster. And we’ll begin with the basics.

For a more casual look, leather sneakers for men can match pretty much everything from shorts to denim and chinos; on top, pair them with t-shirts, squared shirts, and a blazer.

For the business casual style, your best option is to dress up, not down. Discover your own style and then color match it to your leather sneakers for men. Black is a great color to begin with but in the summer, you should go for lighter ones.

Leather sneakers for men offer you a broad spectrum of outfit possibilities. The key is to make them your own and help you express yourself. 

Nevertheless, to wear them every day, you still need to choose the ones that best adapt to you. 


Leather sneakers for men online 

Simple, yet sophisticated, leather sneakers for men online by Carlos Santos Shoes are handcrafted in leather by our expert craftsmen and women, according to the best construction methods available. 

This is what offers our leather sneakers for men a unique texture, pattern, and detail. If you’re looking for the next pair of luxury sneakers, you’ve found them. We hope you enjoy them.