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Leather Sneakers for Men

It’s not only the classics shoes that can say much about a person, the Leather sneakers for men gives you a different personality. Once, while on an interview intended to promote a film, actor Oscar Isaac was asked about his process and the answer has the following:

For me, with character, you start with the shoes.

In fact, the shoes we choose say a lot about us, whether we intend them to do so or not. As such, we advise you to take time out of your everyday routine to take a look at your feet and think about what message you pretend to send to the world – because you will be sending one.

Now, as we know, times have changed quite a bit from the austere days of the past in many different ways, and the manner in which we dress may very well have seen the most radical shifts. In a not so distant past, if someone said you dressed casually, they might be calling you a slacker. But office culture is walking towards the end of formality in some aspects and as the line between workout and workday gets blurred, everyone seems to want to find and fit inside some kind of definition of the word cool. If you have such concerns, then trying out leather sneakers may be just the perfect decision.

They can rise up your styling game when well paired with a suit, sweater and jeans. Whether you’re walking into an important meeting or getting to know a new city, leather sneakers will reward you with an air of sophistication, while keeping a chill factor that is never out of fashion.


Leather sneakers for men

If you want to step up your fashion game, leather sneakers for men might really be the way to go. The leather used in all of Carlos Santos Shoes products is high-quality, as we would never accept the idea of providing our clients with anything less than the absolute best, and can easily elevate many other items in your wardrobe like few other shoes can.

Whether it is a jacket or a bag, leather sneakers for men are a classy, but not too formal choice capable of pleasing both your boss and your coworkers and friends at the office or on your weekend outings with your family.


Classy leather sneakers

While you might want to maintain a laid-back look that tells others about your ability to keep cool, you also want to present yourself to the world like someone that appreciates the finest things, which is why our collection of classy leather sneakers is the best option for you. You see, while the world changes and many brands try all they can to surprise their audience with wild choices that don’t do much for your overall aesthetics, we stick to the point where innovation actually adds to classic.

Like a pair of stylish leather sneakers, capable of emphasizing the superb quality of the many extraordinary materials that go into every single shoe we assemble, guaranteeing a tier of versatility that can go along with a very broad spectrum of outfits.

These will most surely help you achieve a timeless cool look, that you’ll drive to success, whether you’re showcasing a work presentation or attending best friend’s wedding.


Handcrafted leather sneakers

At Carlos Santos Shoes we take many things seriously, one of the most important being our compromise to always provide our customers a personal touch that they quite simply won't be able to find anywhere else. Having that said, this touch has two very different sides.

One is connected to the creative process that leads to the birth of the shoes we sell; the other is our nonnegotiable commitment to a handcrafted process, where machines, while vital, play a secondary role.

As such, when you buy our handcrafted leather sneakers, or really any other item in our catalogue, you can be sure that unlike most companies, our products have come directly from the minds of our creative artists straight into the hands of our technicians, that make sure to always bring you handcrafted leather sneakers with unique texture, pattern and detail.

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