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Suede Loafers for Men

Suede loafers for men may look plain and simple, but they are actually more complex than one would think at first sight. Indeed, they may be one of the most stylistically refined shoes of our time. 

From the casual stroll in a Cannes-style vacation spot to the business meeting of today’s smart-casual environment, our suede loafers for men will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.


What are suede loafers for men?

Suede loafers for men are loafers handcrafted in suede and designed for men, at Carlos Santos Shoes. The loafer is an easily slipped-on and off shoe, with no laces.

They are usually made in leather or suede and can have many variations as evidenced by the penny or the tassel loafers’ styles.

In short, suede loafers for men are very flexible and may come in many different colors, with or without adornments or embellishments. Alongside its ease of wear, they also have other distinctive features, such as their low heels and upper vamps that slightly resemble those found in moccasins.

Their other distinctive feature is that these always leave your ankle exposed and can easily be dressed up or down.


History of the suede loafers for men

Suede loafers for men share their origin story with loafers of every kind. However, that story is yet to be proven. But there are two main contenders.

The first involves King George VI and his wish for a casual pair of shoes to be used indoors. As he was king and not just an ordinary man, they were naturally required to be kingly.

So he commissioned two widely known cobblers and the suede loafers for men were born.

Another version of history tells the story of the Norwegian fishermen who were used to wearing slip-ons, which closely resembled the moccasins. They did so for practicality.

Regardless, one of two things then happened: either some Norway visitors brought back the shoe style with them; or a Norwegian man called Nils Tveranger – who had studied the art of shoemaking – decided to redesign the original style and market it as the first suede loafers for men.

No matter the version of history you choose, the truth is that by the 1930s suede loafers for men – as well as their leather version – were commonly available for purchasing. 

Since then, suede loafers for men have matured. Today, they can be worn both indoors and outdoors, on a wide range of occasions. In the end, it ultimately depends on how you wear them.


How to wear suede loafers for men?

Before getting into how to wear suede loafers for men, it is important to note that suede is not the only material that loafers can be made of.

Like many other kinds of shoes, they can also be made of leather. However, we will be focusing on suede loafers for men and how to properly wear them. First thing’s first: the seasons.

Suede loafers for men are mainly spring-summer shoes.

As such, there is also an innate casualty to them. Spring and summer are naturally more relaxed and open seasons, and this style adapts particularly well to a gathering of friends, or a night-out stroll through a cosmopolitan city in France or Italy. 

Within this setting, suede loafers for men should be worn with socks, fitted trousers and button-down shirts. In warmer weathers, shorts and no socks can also be an option for that summertime outfit, complete with a crisp and fresh shirt.

However, this does not mean suede loafers for men should only mean casual. Today, more and more companies and offices are relaxing their approved working attire. In fact, smart-casual (emphasis on smart) is an excellent choice.

Both smart and casual outfits display the same clean style you can find in a pair of suede loafers for men. Two rules of thumb still need to be underlined.

One: black tie suits do not match with men’s suede loafers. And two: keep it basic.

Suede loafers for men work best in solid colors such as black, blue, or brown. Brown suede loafers and black suede loafers for men tend to be the most valuable choice, while variations in tan or grey are also acceptable.

Whichever way you take your suede loafers for men, you can be sure their delicate finish guarantees your feet are always protected from any excessive moisture typical of the summertime. 


Suede loafers for men online

At Carlos Santos Shoes online store, you can find handcrafted suede loafers for men online that are versatile, practical, and adaptable.

These slip-on shoes come in a variety of styles and colors, blending the classic design with a contemporary feeling.

Whether cruising the city with your new suede tassel loafers or taking a break in a romantic old town in a pair of suede penny loafers, you can be sure you will always be comfortable and in style with our handcrafted quality shoes. 

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