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At Carlos Santos shoes online store, you can purchase every single one of our luxury designs, while rediscovering the history and value of what it means to be “Made in Portugal”.

When acquiring a pair of luxury shoes designed by Carlos Santos you are doing more than buying a product. You are tapping into an entire culture of dedicated and passionate craftsmanship that has been developing for centuries.


Carlos Santos Shoes Online

Of superior quality and exceptional design, Carlos Santos shoes online offer you direct access to an immeasurable catalogue of luxury handcrafted footwear. They were forged by centuries-old know-how pushed further by technological innovation.

We are proud to be amongst the new wave of designers that have been able to truly shape the revival of the Portuguese footwear industry.

Our designs are sophisticated, yet dependable. They are handcrafted and tailored for the few who feel the need to immerse themselves in the luxurious lifestyle.


Lace-up Shoes Online

Lace-ups for men are one of the most versatile types of shoes online you can find. They come in very diverse designs, each one more suited than the next for every occasion.  

Timeless, classic, and fully ingrained in the social fabric of today’s society, lace-up shoes online by Carlos Santos are handcrafted with carefully chosen materials, offering you a unique look and an authentic feel.


Cap Toe Shoes Online

Cap Toes can make for proper footwear in almost all circumstances. When thinking of subtle elegance, Cap Toes effortlessly match it. With a simple and clean design, these can simply flow from winter into summer into winter again.


Wingtip Brogue Shoes Online

Wingtip Brogue shoes online are the perfect mix between smart-casual and fashion, with a little excitement on top. They are known for their refined and distinctive perforations, which makes them unique but also a staple of the more sophisticated footwear.

Derby Shoes Online

If today’s menswear is casual by default, this means the best acquisitions should be capable of adapting to many outfits and situations.

Such is the case of the Derby shoes online, which can provide you with that sophisticated yet carefully careless look. 


One-cut Shoes Online

With a narrow shape, simple, clean lines, and a smooth surface, One-cut shoes online are the pinnacle of formal footwear. They exude academia, elegance, and culture. 

However, long gone are the days where One-cuts could only be paired with an all-formal suit. Today, these can work just as well with a pair of jeans and a cashmere sweatshirt. 


Oxford Shoes Online

Oxford shoes online are considered the most elegant of all footwear options. Their history is full, and the materials used must always be of the highest quality.

Once responsible for expressing tradition, today they also represent sophisticated simplicity and professionality.


Monk Straps Shoes Online

Monk Straps offer minimal detailing. These are always in-fashion, either with a suit or provided there is a perfect balance between formal and casual styles.

Also known as men’s buckle shoes, at Carlos Santos you can find double buckles for men, as well as single buckles.


Sneaker Shoes Online

Luxury sneaker shoes online have many names: “gutties”, “sandshoes”, or “daps” are but a few of them.

Whichever the case may be, the truth is we know them to be comfortable, as well as an absolute favorite amongst urban casual styles.


Loafer Shoes Online

Often compared to moccasins, loafers have gained popularity and evolved from casual footwear to become the go-to option on many occasions, due to the variety of colors and designs available.


Handcrafted Luxury Shoes Online

At Carlos Santos online store you will find some of the best handcrafted luxury shoes online, with a unique look and an authentic feel. The materials we use are carefully chosen and verified before the transformation begins.

Made from exquisite leather, our shoes go through more than 200 manual operations before reaching you with remarkable quality and design.


How to buy Carlos Santos shoes online

Buying Carlos Santos shoes online is a simple process. You begin by choosing your favorite model in the color and size you desire. Then it is only a matter of adding them to the shopping cart, proceed to one of the many payment options available and finally choosing the delivery process. 

Our designs have stood the test of time, albeit improved to make sure you are always one step ahead.

If you are unsure about which design to acquire, then think of these practical guidance tips:

The Oxfords are the most elegant option. For the more casual dresser, Loafers or Sneakers could be the answer you seek. The Derby is one of the most popular designs, both comfortable and stylish. If a distinguished touch is what you are looking for, then you should explore the Monk Straps.

Whichever classic design you choose, you can rest assured they are handcrafted with unconditional respect for tradition and the Portuguese craftsmanship skills passed down from generation to generation.