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Shoes Online

With Carlos Santos Shoes online, you can purchase every model available with just one click. Well-known for its footwear industry, Carlos Santos shoes online provides you direct access to a vast catalogue of centuries-old know-how, contemporary design, and technological innovation luxury handcrafted shoes.

With its superior quality and distinct design, Carlos Santos Shoes online is amongst the new wave of designers that have been helping rediscover the history and the value of Portuguese shoes, shaping their revival and pushing the ‘Made in Portugal’ label even further – a statement to the Portuguese footwear industry.

The way our luxury shoes are handcrafted will really give you the feeling of luxury, not just because of the quality of the manufacturing, but because they are truly special. Handcrafted and tailored for few, these are sophisticated yet authentic shoes for sophisticated yet authentic people, who know where they are going. The quality of the raw materials shines through the exquisite finishing details. Carlos Santos Shoes simply take you there.

When you purchase a pair of luxury shoes online by Carlos Santos you are not just buying a product, you are becoming a part of a culture. You’re entering the circle of proud admirers of the handcrafted and craftsmanship Portuguese artisans have been developing for centuries.

Handcrafted Shoes Online

Carlos Santos Shoes are some of the best handcrafted shoes you will find online. A combination of centuries-old know-how, contemporary design, and technological innovation, available in a vast catalogue you can calmly go through online.

With more than 70 years of history, Carlos Santos shoes have a unique look and an authentic feel. Carlos Santos Shoes creates and develops high-quality shoes for the high luxury segment, with materials which are carefully chosen and verified before the transformation process begins.

When imagining your perfect new pair of shoes – handcrafted from exquisite leather, with a remarkable design, the right colour and the perfect height and size – there is no need to spend hours running around looking for them. Carlos Santos has them available for you through our online shoe store.


Buy Shoes Online

In order to buy shoes online from Carlos Santos Shoes, first it is necessary to choose from one of our classic models: shoe types and designs created that have stood the test of time, although having sometimes been the target of a few improvements to make sure they’re have you always a step ahead.

There are so many different options. The Oxford model is considered the most elegant classic shoe for men. For the more casual dresser, the Loafer might be the answer. Both comfortable and elegant, the Derby model is one of the most popular designs. Another classic design would be the boots, without which men’s fashionwear would surely not be the same.

For a touch of irreverence, go with the Monk Straps model. Or in case you’re looking for a little bit of the nonchalance of an everyday shoe, begin exploring our Lace up models, the prevalent design for a shoe.

Handcrafted from genuine materials with unconditional respect for tradition, Portuguese craftsmanship skills have been passed from generation to generation for centuries. High quality and excellent design, alongside craftsmanship and tradition, is what you will find when buying your new shoes online from Carlos Santos Shoes.