2 . 11 . 2022

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Wingtip Brogues

Wingtip Brogues are the perfect combination of smart and fashionable, adding flair to any outfit combination.

This is made possible by their refined and unique perforations, which take the shape of a wing – for which the wingtip brogues ultimately got their name. 

With their origins found in Scotland and Ireland, today the wingtip brogues are an absolute staple of sophisticated footwear. 

Usually, these types of adornments and decorations may decrease the shoe’s ability to be used in more formal gatherings, but that is simply not the case when it comes to wingtip brogues.

They are the perfect companion for any business meeting, as well as one of the most capable ways of showing some personality in the process. If you are looking for a quality pair of shoes that perfectly combines casualness and refinement, then these were handcrafted for you.


What are Wingtip Brogues

To better understand what wingtip brogues are, you first need to know the difference between wingtip and brogue. 

There are many types of brogue shoes. Brogues are all defined by their “broguing” which is nothing more than the perforations made in the shoes. These perforations can be made in any kind of shape and form.

Nevertheless, there are some “broguing” designs considered a classic. That is precisely the case with the wingtip brogues.

So, when it comes to the wingtip vs brogue question, the answer is very simple: wingtip brogues are brogue shoes with wingtip-like “broguing”.

Wingtip brogues are characterized by their wing shaped perforation on their toe cap, spreading and running along the side of the shoe. 

Other decorations or perforations may complement the wingtip “broguing”, but as long as there are wing shaped perforations on their toe cap, you’ve got yourself a pair of wingtip brogues.


When to wear Wingtip Brogues?

Men’s wingtip brogues are seasonless – you can wear them at any time of the year. 

The simple way to do it is to purchase the most classic wingtip brogue shoes: brown wingtip brogues handcrafted in leather.

Leather is a very resistant material, which will last you for a long time, and can be used during the summer, as well as the winter. Brown is the perfect color to accompany leather, as it can work all year round and pairs well with different outfits.

However, if you already own a pair of these and are accustomed to their shape and design, the truth is you can also find them in suede, more appropriate for spring and the warmer months of the year.

How to wear Wingtip Brogues?

Knowing how to wear wingtip brogues requires you to know beforehand that this type of shoe began by being a workman’s shoe. 

That’s right. Brogue wingtip shoes’ perforations were first made to allow for better comfort during rainy workdays. To put it simply: they let the water out of the shoe, so workers became more comfortable.

This means they were designed to be paired with casual outfits.

Today, that is not so much the case as it was. They can still be used on a more casual occasion, but the overall look still needs to be sophisticated. 

At least, it needs to be thought out. If you plan on wearing these with jeans (you can), make sure the pants finish just slightly above the ankle – the aim of the casual wingtip brogues is to let them shine. 

But if the goal is to create the image of the casual but sophisticated man, then opt for tweeds as well as other country fabrics. In the end, this was the setting for which the full brogue wingtip was created.


Wingtip Brogues with a suit

To wear wingtip brogues with a suit, brown or black wingtip brogues are the answer. 

The material chosen should also always be leather, and single-toned. The purpose here is to let the “broguing” become the centerpiece of the overall ensemble, perfectly matching the cut of the suit.


Wingtip Brogues with a tuxedo

It may seem tempting to wear your wingtip brogues with a tuxedo, but the answer is no. 

The only exception to this is the Scottish wingtips which are paired with formal Scottish dresses, again pointing to the shoe’s origins. 
Black-tie events have very strict rules.

Although rules were meant to be broken, the truth is there are better shoe options and designs to wear with a tuxedo. 


Wingtip Brogues Online

At Carlos Santos Shoes, you can find quality wingtip brogues online. They were handcrafted with the finest materials and according to the best possible construction methods, such as Goodyear Welted.

Alongside the most classic wingtip shoes in brown, you can also find them in different colors, in both leather and suede, as well as different “broguing” styles to suit your needs.