20 . 10 . 2022

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Casual Loafers for Men

Having the option to choose a great pair of quality casual loafers for men in your wardrobe can be a lifesaving choice. For one simple reason: superb versatility and elegance.

Casual loafers for men can be used with almost every outfit, in almost every situation. And even though loafers were always a statement of personality, the fact of the matter is their traditional designs also confined them to their classic variations. 

Up until now, both the penny and the tassel loafers were known throughout and were the target of many style experiences. That is no longer the case.

Today, casual loafers for men are increasingly creative and inventive. They can offer new opportunities to improve upon your personal style and outfit, including renewed casual looks, every time you slip them on. 

Designer loafers, in particular, have managed to unite a classic style with contemporary desire. 

As an example, take our own latest casual loafer shoes: they were designed in dark blue suede and complemented by a unique rubber sole. 

So, what types of casual loafers for men are there? And how can you properly wear them? Read on and get all the answers you need.


What are casual loafers for men?

Casual loafers for men are an updated version of the classic loafer shoes. These are the kind of shoes that help you walk the very thin line between an elegant, yet relaxed casual style and the more formal, yet rigid dress code. 

In short, they are perfect for business-casual attires and smart-casual looks. But their possibilities do not end there: with a pair of shorts, you can go full casual with the right pair of casual loafers for men.

How you complete the outfit is what truly makes the difference in the end. Their laceless and slip-on features slightly help you tone things down a notch, while their clean appearance and short heels can help you achieve the opposite.

Not only that, but they continue to be statement pieces. More often than not, they may just be what every casual look is lacking.


Types of casual loafers for men

Every type of casual loafer for men falls under the category of every loafer for men. As we have seen, it all comes down to how you wear them and complement your outfit.

You can choose a pair of penny loafers as your choice of men’s casual loafer shoes. You can do the same with a pair of handcrafted tassel loafers and turn them into your casual loafers for men. Which of these is the right choice? And what about the fabric? Which is the best option for a pair of these: suede or leather?

If your outfit is rather simple and to the point, maybe a pair of tassels can help you “smart” things up. And if you are looking to bring your entire appearance a little more into the casual realm, then suede is the way to go.

Have no fears for there is a type of casual loafers for men out there that perfectly fits your personal taste and style. Let’s find out how you should wear them.

How to wear casual loafers for men?

Before getting into the specifics of how to wear casual loafers for men, we’ll begin by sharing with you three rules of thumb:

  • Wear ankle-high, fitted pants;
  • Color matching is essential;
  • No sportswear, of any kind.

If you remember these three simple pieces of advice, then wearing any pair of casual loafers for men will be a breeze.

Almost all pieces in your wardrobe will work with your new casual loafers for men. From jeans to shorts, from t-shirts to blazers, read on and take your pick.

Casual loafers for men with jeans

Loafers with jeans allow you to keep wearing your favorite jeans but in a more elegant way. 

The most important advice here is to avoid wearing them “baggy style” and to ensure their length is more on the short side (slightly over the ankle) so that your casual loafers for men can truly shine.

Ideally, you will also want to play with color matching. Jeans are normally blue, so beige and brown are beautiful colors at your disposal. And if you want to step into the smart-casual territory, try them with a blazer.

Casual loafers for men with Chinos

With chinos, casual loafers for men can do the trick by working alongside them, instead of opposing them as happens with jeans.

Color matching is particularly important. Try to bring the colors of the casual loafers for men and the color of the trousers closer with each other. They do not need to match 100%. 

Say you’re wearing light-brown chinos: a pair of brown casual loafers for men will work wonderfully. On top? A white shirt or a polo shirt. 

Casual loafers for men with shorts

Yes, casual loafers for men can also work with a pair of shorts. They should be tailored, just above the knee and complemented with a shirt.

Color-wise, it’s a mixture of both: they should be brought to the limit yet match at the same time. Light blue shorts? Dark blue casual loafers for men. Brown shorts? Light-brown loafers.

Casual loafers for men with suits

It is said that loafers always work with a suit. But to make it all business-casual, you need to forget any ties and ensure your trousers are ankle-high. One big question concerning casual loafers for men with suits is the socks: yes or no?

In fairness, it all comes down to personal taste. If you prefer to wear socks, then make sure they do not steal any attention from the rest of the ensemble. If you want to go sockless, then feel free to go ahead – make sure both the occasion and the weather allow for it, though.


Casual loafers for men online

You can find casual loafers for men online at Carlos Santos Shoes. Our casual loafers for men are handcrafted by a team of expert craftsmen and women, according to the best available construction methods.

These can be a great way to make a personal statement in the XXI Century. They can be bold, elegant, and classic at the same time. They can work with almost all your outfits.

And if you feel daring, they can even work with shorts and no socks!

There is nothing you can’t achieve with a pair of casual loafers for men: they’re the perfect way to elevate your casual style into something truly yours.