2 . 11 . 2023

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Winter Sneakers for Men: A Guide to Selection and Care

As the new winter season approaches, many sneakers aficionados look for a comprehensive guide on how to select and care for their winter sneakers for men.

Wintertime is a particularly unforgiving period for our cherished footwear, given the interplay of rain, snow, mud, and, sometimes, even salt. 

Selecting and caring for your winter sneakers for men may therefore require expert advice. 

Whether you’re someone already seasoned in the matter, or simply an individual seeking to elevate your winter footwear, you can be sure that this guide has been meticulously crafted for you.


Understanding the Winter Threats to Sneakers for Men

Before getting into the selection guide for your winter sneakers for men, it is essential to understand the many threats winter may impart to this type of footwear.


Heavy Rain

Winter sneakers for men must be ready to endure the challenges posed by heavy rains. When it rains, water can infiltrate footwear and potentially compromise the integrity of the shoe with its moisture, as well as lead to the unwelcome development of unpleasant odors.


Snow and Moisture

As it happens when it rains heavily, snow can also give origin to moisture. The insidious moisture can infiltrate your sneakers as the snow melts, jeopardizing their integrity as well. The enchantment of snow may be alluring, but also a very real threat to your winter sneakers for men.



In some parts of the world, snow also means salt. Salt helps melt the snow and ice, and it poses a formidable menace to winter sneakers for men. Remember that the corrosive nature of salt can mar the aesthetics of any shoes for men and compromise its fine-crafted materials.


Frigid Temperatures

Extremely cold temperatures can render the materials of your winter sneakers for men somewhat brittle and susceptible to damage. Cracks and blemishes are risks associated with such conditions.


Understanding the most significant adversities for your winter sneakers for men is the first step to selecting the best sneakers available. As you’ve seen, most winter threats pose a risk to shoe materials. This is where you begin your selection process.

Winter Sneakers for Men: A Guide to Selection and Care

The Art of Choosing the Right Winter Sneakers for Men

Choosing the right winter sneakers for men is a careful process of balancing style and functionality. 

However, as spring and summertime allow us to focus less on functionality and more on style, the opposite happens during wintertime. Choosing the right winter sneakers for men also means choosing the finest material available. 


Step 1: Selecting Shoe Materials

The fact is there is really not much to it: leather is the best material you can choose for your winter sneakers for men.

Leather is strong and flexible. It is also long-lasting and water-resistant. And when handcrafted by Carlos Santos Shoes you can be sure not only of its quality but of its origin as well. 

Choosing quality leather ensures your winter sneakers for men are shielded against moisture, assuring they stay dry and comfortable on your feet. 


Step 2: Guaranteeing Insulation

In regions characterized by frigid winters, winter sneakers for men must be endowed with proper insulation. This can be achieved by selecting a pair of sneakers meticulously handcrafted so as to provide you warmth and comfort.


Step 3: The Right Sizing

Ensuring your winter sneakers for men are the right size for your feet might be more important than you think. A snug fit not only enhances comfort but also contributes to thermal efficiency.


By foregrounding these attributes in your selection process, you will not only ensure the longevity of your winter sneakers for men but also adorn your winter excursions with an elevated shoe style.


Winter Sneakers for Men by Carlos Santos Shoes

Discover our meticulously handcrafted winter sneakers for men in leather, a perfect choice for your winter wear. 

Elmer - Carlos Santos Shoes

Elmer by Carlos Santos Shoes

Crafted with the utmost precision, the Elmer is a pair of leather sneakers for men designed to withstand the cold while still elevating your style. 

Available in six distinct colors, these winter sneakers for men offer enough versatility to match your wardrobe. 

Handcrafted with quality leather, they provide insulation and feature sealed seams, ensuring both comfort and durability throughout the winter season. 

Wellington - Carlos Santos Shoes

Wellington by Carlos Santos Shoes

The Wellington by Carlos Santos Shoes is a limited edition, handcrafted Nappa leather sneakers for men, accentuated with a touch of suede and exclusively available in one wonderful color. 

These sneakers are the epitome of winter style and functionality. Handcrafted with precision, they boast quality leather, insulation, and sealed seams, making them an excellent choice for the season. Versatility is what sets them apart: the Wellington is designed to excel in practically every situation.


The Importance of Proper Storage and Protection

While we've explored the art of choosing the right winter sneakers for men, we must not overlook the critical role of proper storage and protection.

The investment in quality, handcrafted footwear also requires a commitment to care and preservation.

Winter, with its manifold challenges of heavy rain, snow, salt, and frigid temperatures, can be particularly unforgiving to our cherished footwear. Neglecting the care of your winter sneakers for men can lead to premature deterioration and diminished enjoyment.

So, as you embark on your winter outings with our meticulously handcrafted leather sneakers for men, whether it's the versatile Elmer or the exclusive Wellington, choose sophistication and warmth. 

But equally crucial, remember to provide them with the proper care, storage, and protection they deserve. By doing so, you ensure that your winter sneakers for men continue to be a source of both style and comfort for many seasons to come.