Shoes for Men

All shoes for men on the streets today have their origins in a few classic models. Their roots go back to the XIX century, directly into some of the European fashion capitals of the time.

On average, we walk about three kilometres per day. In the course of our lives, we could walk around the world two and a half times.

Our shoes are our only protection against the dust, the asphalt, the sharp stones and any occasional accident.

Shoes should not be considered an irrelevant aspect of our daily living; they quite simply take you there, wherever your way. Quality shoes for men have a high level of wearing comfort and a significantly longer life. Carefully considering in the long term, having a pair of quality shoes can actually be far more economical.

That is why Carlos Santos handcrafted shoes with superior quality and distinct design. They are comfortable and stylish, ensuring an improved quality of life and efficiency to its wearer alongside an elegant appearance. Shoes for men by Carlos Santos are a combination of centuries-old know-how, contemporary design, and technological innovation, providing you with a unique look and an authentic feel.


Leather shoes for men

Quality shoes for men are often made of leather. Leather is nothing more than raw animal hides that have been preserved. However, manoeuvring and giving it shape is a process that requires masterful skill.

Leather is a breathable, elastic material. Leather is tear-proof and resistant, with heat-insulating capabilities. It provides shoes for men with an extraordinary amount of protection and sophisticated appearance. No wonder leather demands such a high price.

In Portugal, leather craftsmanship skills have been passed and refined from generation to generation, for centuries. In some parts of the country, you can still find a traditional family of shoemakers, tirelessly crafting handcrafted shoes with centuries-old methods.


Classy shoes for men

Classy shoes for men don’t just differ in appearance from each other, also in the way they are manufactured and produced. They may be simple or simply ostentatious; they may be large or compact, but whatever the case, they are the true original.

Comfortable and elegant, the Derby is one of the most popular designs. They have what is considered a special cut – known as open lacing, both of the side quarters lie on top of the vamp, becoming the tongue. The Derby model has a keen resemblance with the Blucher design, a vital component of the countryside gentleman.

Considered the most elegant classy shoe for men, the Oxfords simply excel in any festive occasion. However, their origins go back to Oxford College and their scholars, who saw in the Oxford model a better way of expressing themselves. 

For the more casual dresser, the Loafer is the answer. Easy to put on and to take off, the classic loafer is the preeminent casual shoe. Sometimes, their design may be blurred with that of the traditional Moccasin, considered indispensable in any wardrobe today.

Another classic design is those of the Boots, which began to have their presence noticed in the XIX century. Since then, men’s fashion does not exist without a pair of boots for men. They can protect you from extreme weather while giving a high degree of comfort, perhaps only attainable with another design: the boat shoe.

For a touch of irreverence, the Monk Straps model is probably the choice. And in case you’re looking for an everyday shoe, the Lace-up model is the prevalent design for a shoe.


Handcrafted shoes for men

Carlos Santos shoes are the best of centuries-old know-how, contemporary design, and technological innovation. With more than 70 years of history, Carlos Santos shoes have a unique look and an authentic feel. Carlos Santos creates and develops high-quality shoes for the high luxury segment, with materials that are carefully chosen and verified before the transformation process begins.

The shoes by Carlos Santos can be worn in any number of occasions that range from the casual to the formal. From the high-end work meeting to the casual encounter with friends or a perfect chance to make an excellent first impression. When imagining your perfect new pair of shoes – handcrafted from exquisite leather, with a remarkable design, the right colour and the perfect height and size – there is no need to look any further.