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Boots for Men

Most boots for men cover the foot and the ankle. However, specific male boots can also cover the lower calf. Boots are instantly recognizable by their heel, which is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the sole. They are traditionally made of leather and chosen both because of their functionality and protection – from cold, mud, snow or water – and fashion reasons.

Male boots have been around for a long time. Studies indicate their existence since at least 1000 BC, but their iconographic European definition came with the early Dutch Masters – i.e. the Dutch Golden Age of Painting – although by that time any Chinese, French or Portuguese sailor would have recognized a boot anywhere.

European boots were influenced by military styles, having thick soles and turnover tops originally designed to protect soldiers while horse mounting. In fact, most historians agree that the first codified definition of the ‘boot’, came into being in the midst of the Hundred Years War, a series of conflicts between 1337 and 1453, waged by England and France, over the right to rule the French kingdom.


Classy boots for men

Classy boots for men are practical and comfortable, versatile and stylish. They can take you from your day-to-day work into your weekends effortlessly. Many can even pair with smart-casual or semi-formal outfits, which makes owning a pair of Carlos Santos boots an excellent addition to any wardrobe.

But as all boots cannot possibly be worn on every occasion, there is the need to familiarize ourselves with the different types of boots for men available and what pairs well with each type of boots handcrafted by Carlos Santos Shoes.

Ankle boots are one of the most versatile styles of boots available, with the Chelsea boots being the simpler and straightforward option. However, Chukka boots and other lace-up styles of boots can also become extremely fashionable, with a pair of jeans and a shirt for a casual or smart-casual look. Men’s suede boots can be easily teamed up with a suit to wear in the office or even a worn-out flannel shirt, and Jodhpur boots have an elegance capable of making other ankle-high boots simply too plain.


Handcrafted boots for men

A new pair of handcrafted boots by Carlos Santos must stay comfortable while wearing. To ensure this, select a pair of boots for men that fits your feet the right way – they should feel supported, with enough room to move them and the ankle, without any ache.

And to ensure they last a long time, boots should be stored correctly. They must be cleaned and dried, before stuffing them with a shoe-tree in order to hold its shape. Only then should they be stored in an upright position.

Like with any leather product, leather boots need to stay hydrated, since they are more susceptible to cracking when they dry out – an appropriate cream throughout the year can be a problem solver, as it keeps the shoes more flexible while adding a level of sheen.

When choosing a new pair of handcrafted boots by Carlos Santos, have your desired overall look in mind. The right type of boots should suit it: for a casual look, a pair of relaxed boots will suit perfectly while a pair of more sophisticated boots will help you create a smarter outfit.

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