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Boots for Men

Boots for men have been around for thousands of years. There are studies indicating they have existed since at least 1000 B.C. However, their iconographic European definition only came with the early Dutch Masters – i.e. the Dutch Golden Age of Painting – although, by that time, any Chinese, French or Portuguese sailor would have recognized a pair of boots anywhere.

The first European designs were mainly influenced by military style.

They had thick soles and turnover tops, originally designed to help protect soldiers while horse mounting.Most scholars agree that their first codified definition came into being during the Hundred Years War, a series of military conflicts between 1337 and 1453, waged by England and France.

Over the centuries, many developments have been made, although the essential anatomy remains. Most styles cover the foot and the ankle. But some designs can also reach up unto the lower calf.

Their most recognized visual characteristic is the heel which is clearly distinguishable from the rest of the sole.



Boots for men

Boots for men are comfortable, practical, stylish, and very versatile. They work well with everyday situations and continue doing so throughout the weekends. 

Men’s boots should stay comfortable while wearing. To ensure this, they should fit your feet with enough room to move them a little without hurting the ankle. They should also be cleaned and dried from time to time, maintain their shape with a shoe tree, and be stored in an upright position.

When it comes to choosing a pair, there is a way to suit almost every taste, from the more traditional to the outrageous flamboyant. It all comes down to design.


Designer Boots

Most of these styles work best when paired with either a smart-casual or a semi-formal attire. But they all can’t be worn in every single situation. Choices must be made, and this is where designer boots by Carlos Santos take center stage.

Carlos Santos Shoes designs boots within four different styles: Chelsea, Chukka, Jodphur, and Lace-up.

Each has its own characteristics, adapting to the particular needs of each of our customers.


Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots for men have a truly iconic shape and design. The style has been around since the Victorian era, falling in and out of fashion from then on. Recently, they have started to make a comeback, but the last true boom of the Chelsea happened during the 1960s.

They are a simple and straightforward option: ankle-high and close-fitted, they can be easily removed and put on, pairing well with slim and streamlined tailoring.


Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are one of the most adaptable styles there is. They fit perfectly within the casual-formal spectrum, tipping towards one or the other depending on the outfit chosen.

They can be elegant and relaxed, which offers many variations to handcraft a pair of Chukkas. A simple fact attests to their versatility: they were worn by royalty and artists alike.


Jodhpur Boots

Jodphur boots possess a very clean design, not unlike the Chelsea model. But they are uniquely styled due to how they were originally fastened: with a strap and a buckle.

This feature usually works as a signal of a man who knows his shoes.

Jodphurs have an interesting design which in turn offers the wearer a sleeker look.


Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots have the most classic design of this type of shoe model. It is impossible to consider men’s footwear without them.

Designed by Carlos Santos, they offer a retro-rugged element to every outfit, and a slightly rougher appearance ideal for cosmopolitan styles.


Boots Online

Boots online designed by Carlos Santos are handcrafted with carefully chosen high-quality materials. 

Either in Suede or Leather, they offer you a unique look and an authentic feel. When choosing a new pair of handcrafted boots by Carlos Santos, keep in mind their overall purpose: for a smarter outfit, look for sophistication. By contrast, a casual look demands a relaxed style.

But whichever the choice, make sure you care for them. At our online store, we have available a shoe care kit, complete with two brushes and a natural wax.

To care for leather, use the appropriate cream throughout the year, and to clean suede, there are specific brushes created for that purpose.