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Jodhpur Boots for Men

Men’s Jodhpur boots are thought to have made their first appearance in India, during the 1920’s. The boots were named after the second-largest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Popularly known as the Blue City or the Sun City, Jodhpur is considered the cultural capital of the state. It features many palaces, forts and temples, with the Thar Desert occupying its background landscape.

Jodhpur boots for men were first worn by local Polo players, but they soon became a trend in western society as soon as 1927. The boots were usually worn when working in the stables or while hiking in the countryside.

A classic item in any shoe closet, Jodhpur boots for men by Carlos Santos have unique characteristics that distinguish them from other typical ankle boot models.


What are Jodhpur Boots?

Like most boots, the Jodhpur boots have an equestrian root.

Men’s jodhpur boots are ankle high, initially designed as a riding boot with a rounded toe and a low heel. The boots are easy to slip on and off and were originally fastened with a strap and a buckle.

Today, designs for Jodhpur boots also include straps that do not wrap entirely around the ankle. However, Jodhpur boots for men designed by Carlos Santos follow the absolute classic pattern of the Jodhpur boots.

The vamp is sewn on top of the quarter, with the strap divided in two different parts, each attached to the vamp itself. The buckle end attaches to the inboard side and covers halfway around the ankle, while the free end attaches to the outboard side, extending all around the ankle.


How to wear Jodhpur Boots?

Up to the early XX century, ankle high boots were the dominant form of men’s footwear. Their popularity declined somewhat during those years, but by the 1960’s men’s Jodhpur boots had found their way back to the wardrobe and have since then been a part of every menswear shoe closet.

Men’s Jodhpur boots have many advantages over other ankle high boots, which makes them an excellent choice when investing in a new pair of boots. Designed by Carlos Santos Shoes, Jodhpur boots for men have an elegance capable of making other ankle high boots simply too plain.

With a close fit and a low heel, their intriguing design gives them a sleek look that makes them work with either a sport’s coat or a leather jacket. Jacket lapels, collar shirts and ties should match the slimness of the boots.

Jodhpur boots also pair well with jeans or chinos and when wearing a suit, it should be casual suit, with the boots features taken into account. Whichever the option, neither jeans, pants nor trousers should ever be tucked into the boots. Men’s Jodhpur boots by Carlos Santos are available in several colours, but black and saddle tan are the most classic to choose from.

Jodhpur boots for men are versatile and can offer a lot of room to experiment with.

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