Handgrade is a shoe term given to those few luxury shoes for men considered to be of the utmost highest quality. 

The Carlos Santos Shoes handgrade collection follows a long tradition of shoe construction methods that require age-old, longstanding, and respected techniques to handcraft every single pair of shoes.

Together with the best possible leather available, our handgrade line is only possible due to the skillful hands of our master craftsmen and women that cut and shape all leather pieces by hand and then stitch them back together with the greatest precision.

The passion and attention to detail we put into every handgrade pair of shoes is what allows for this carefully selected collection to offer you superior durability, fit, and comfort. 


How is Handgrade made?

Provided with the best leather available, one masterful craft artist begins the construction of a pair of handgrade shoes like he would any other pair of shoes for men.

In fact, when comparing the handgrade line with all other handcrafted shoes designed by Carlos Santos, there are two key distinctions you should know. 

First, our handgrade line requires more handwork throughout the whole process, even when the construction is made according to Goodyear Welt. However, it is within the finishing touches of production that the biggest differences are revealed.

It all depends on the handgrade shoe model we are dedicating ourselves to, but the main objective is for everything to look as clean and as artistic as possible: a truly handcrafted piece of art you can wear every day.


Carlos Santos Handgrade Collection

The Carlos Santos Handgrade Collection is comprised of a wonderful selection of designs by Carlos Santos that represents the art of shoemaking at the finest level. 

They are all crafted in fine leather materials and handcrafted with flawless taste and attention to detail. 

Every step of the process was taken with the utmost care and precision, to ensure that every pair of our handgrade line is truly unique: our lasts ensure excellent fitting, the leather we use provides incomparable comfort, and the hand-finishing touches prepared them for long uses. 

We believe our handgrade collection culminates with our decades-long experience in unparalleled craftsmanship and commitment to quality, exclusively designed for men who value quality, comfort, and style. 

From gorgeous leather one-cuts to suede ankle-high lace-up boots, we made sure there is a style for every taste in our handgrade selection.


Handgrade Leather Boots by Carlos Santos Shoes

For our handgrade selection, we have selected three different types of handcrafted boots: the Chelsea boots, the Jodhpur boots, and the Lace-up boots.

The iconic design of the Chelsea boots is available through the Ernest, the Austin, and the Wesley models. The Ernest model is available in two colors: Anil Betis Mela and Anil Betis Rosewood.

These Chelsea boots are ankle-high, while the Austin models sit just a little over the ankle.

A combination of both can be found in the Wesley. They all feature a sturdy look and wonderful depth, allowing for the combination of classic colors such as blue or grey.

One excellent addition to our collection is the Kelvin model. A unique pair of Jodhpur boots in wonderful Anil Douro color. When it comes to sophistication and elegance, this pair of boots is simply unmatched.

Finally, the timeless look of the lace-up boots: James and Harry. Of these, the Harry model is the pair with the most classic design. They are a limited edition, entirely handcrafted in suede and exclusively available in wonderful suede choc colors.

But if you are looking for a pair of shoes that is truly unique, then look no further than our James model. This beautiful pair of lace-up boots combines leather and suede to demonstrate the true power of imagination. A limited edition, only available in Anil Gloss Wood-Suede Bitter color.


Handgrade Leather Shoes 

Handgrade leather shoes by Carlos Santos are available in two different types of shoes, carefully selected for the purpose: one pair of Cap Toe shoes and one pair of One-cuts.

Our handgrade Cap Toes are one surefire bet at an unforgettable classic of luxury shoes for men. 

With a simple and clean design and a wonderful double-stitched finish, the Vicent shoes are capable of walking with you to any business or dinner meeting. 

For more formal operations, our handgrade selection also included one pair of One-cuts: the Peter. 

In fairness, it is possible that no other shoe can exude as much elegance as these One-cuts designed by Carlos Santos. Narrow-shaped, clean-lined, and a smooth surface, our handgrade one-cuts are the epitome of formal footwear, available in two colors: Anil Betis Mela and Anil Betis Rosewood. 


Handgrade Wingtip 

In a unique color called Special Shades of Wine, our handgrade wingtip brogue shoes ensure an eye-catching combination of shades with a broguing technique that is classic but exquisite.

Handcrafted in leather according to the Goodyear Welt construction method, our John wingtip shoes are an authentic piece of art that emphasizes the definition of handgrade. 


Carlos Santos Handgrade Online

Carlos Santos Shoes Handgrade Collection is comprised of nine different handcraft pairs of shoes that you can order online, today.

Handcrafted in the finest leather, with remarkable attention to detail and perfect finishing touches, there are some who describe them as “phenomenal”. 

We are sure they will exceed your expectations in craftsmanship, fit, and looks. They are beautiful shoes, perfectly stitched in impeccable leather. And to enhance your experience even further, you can combine them with our remarkable shoe care accessories and belts.