Chukka Boots for Men

Men’s Chukka Boots have a unique blend of both an elegant and a casual style. Their unusual name is thought to be derived from the game ‘Polo’ – sometimes called the sport of kings – in which there is a seven-and-a-half-minute period called a ‘Chukker’, or ‘Chukka’.

Due to the many variations possible when crafting a handcrafted pair of men’s Chukka boots, their primordial design is unclear, and so is the reason why the Chukka boots got their original name. What we know for sure is that they have been an essential piece in any shoe closet since the beginning of the 20th century. The Duke of Windsor was seen wearing them regularly during the 1920’s, and men’s Chukka boots were still around during the 1950’s and 1960’s, when legendary Hollywood actors such as Marlon Brando or Steve McQueen wore them, no matter the outfit.

Chukka boots for men are designed to offer both comfort and style, providing an excellent alternative for any casual or formal occasion.


Handcrafted Chukka boots

Handcrafted Chukka boots by Carlos Santos have been styled to suit the current times. With a thin leather sole, these elegant Chukka boots for men can be dressed up or down, while also allowing the freedom to experiment at will with colourful and patterned socks.

Chukka boots have a world-renowned versatility.

Chukka boots for men, with a simple colour such as black will look wonderful with a sweater and a pair of chinos, a camel coat or even a biker’s jacket. These are but a few of the many options in existence with only one colour. The possibilities are endless.


Most comfortable chukka boots

More than style, men’s Chukka boots handcrafted by Carlos Santos also provide a substantial amount of comfort, which makes them a distinguished favourite in any shoe wardrobe of the XXI century. Men’s Chukka boots are endowed with the perfect mix of characteristics that allows them to be combined with both casual and more dressed-up styles.

The Chukka boots by Carlos Santos have a comfortable sole and an interior that will guarantee true pleasure while wearing them. To provide the style that comes with the comfort, regularly clean your pair of Chukka boots. To do so, cover the entire boot surface with a polish. Using a separate cloth, remove any excess polish and buff the Chukka boots. Make sure they are properly dried before wearing them once more.


Where to buy chukka boots?

Carlos Santos Shoes creates and develops high-quality handcrafted men’s Chukka boots, directed at the high luxury segment. Materials are carefully chosen and verified before the transformation process begins.

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