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Cap Toe Shoes for Men

Nobody knows exactly what the origins of cap toe shoes for men are, though it is believed they showed up sometime around the mid 17h century. And we sure are thankful they did. You see, the thing about buying a good pair of shoes is that you want to look good, but you also want versatility.

A truly brilliantly designed shoe can work with a lot of different combinations and circumstances.

Obviously, part of it is up to its owner, who needs to carefully think about what he is wearing and what suits him best, but we believe that also shoes can and should do their part of the work.

After all, proper footwear makes all of the difference and we know you agree or you wouldn’t be here, in this page, reading this. Which brings us to cap toe, an unforgettable classic that deserves a special place in shoe racks all over the globe. Why? Well, just think of their subtle elegance, the way they effortlessly seem to match the intentions of the rest of your chosen wardrobe. Going formal? Some black leather cap toe shoes and a white or black tie will really make your suit pop.

Want to throw some casualness into that previously mentioned formality? Some suede cap toe shoes with a cotton suit and you’re good to go. Can they work into a typical vacation wardrobe? Of course, because their simple and clean design allows them to just flow with some slim chinos or jeans. As such, whether its Summer or Winter, an important meeting or a stroll down the street, cap toe shoes are a classic. And you can’t beat a classic.


What is cap toe shoes?

Well, we sure are glad you asked. Essentially, a cap shoe toe is any kind of shoe that has horizontal stitching across the toe box that extends to the welt on either side, in the process forming a cap on the tow.


Cap toe leather shoes

If you’re reading this, then you probably aim for sophistication when you decide what you’re going to wear every day. If you do so, then cap toe leather shoes are an option you quite simply need to have in your shoe rack. Been preparing for a meeting all week? You probably already have a suit lined up, maybe even a tie, but what shoes are you going to chose to go with them? Pair them with cap toe leather shoes and just see your look come alive. Going for a casual vibration? Throw away the tie and switch the suit with some slim chinos and a shirt and you should be just great to face the world.


Suede Cap toe Shoes

If you’re a man who likes suits, you need to own a pair of black or brown suede cap toe shoes. Or both. More of a blazer type of person? Well, wheter you have thought about it in the past or not, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a combo like, say, a nice couple of black suede cap shoes. You see, they possess an inherent class that just can’t be faked. When paired with more formal work it will augment the sophistication of your overall wardrobe. And when you add it to a more relaxed type of cloths, it will provide it with a timeless quality that makes even the more casual looks seem quite refined.

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