Cap Toe Shoes for Men

Truly brilliantly designed cap toe shoes for men will work in a lot of different combinations and circumstances. Cap toe shoes for men are an unforgettable classic you can always turn to with confidence. 

The best cap toe shoes for men offer you a subtle elegance that allows you to be sure you will not be in violation of any socially mandated dress code.

With a simple and clean design, men’s cap toe shoes can seamlessly flow between casual and formal attires.

As long as you know how to wear them and style them, cap toe shoes for men will help you walk from the most formal wedding invitation into the realm of smart casualty. 


What are cap toe shoes for men?

Cap toe shoes for men are shoes defined by a distinguishing seam that is found atop the front of the shoe, across the toe box.

Contrary to what one might think, this seam offers no structural advantage. As it happens with broguing, it is purely aesthetic, and it adds a touch of class and sophistication.

This is why cap toe shoes for men can be found in a number of construction methods, shoe styles, and colors. You can find Goodyear welted cap toe boots in in brown suede, as well as Blake Stitched cap toe dress shoes in black leather.

The horizontal seam is what elevates any type of shoe into the category of the cap toe shoes for men.


How to wear cap toe shoes for men?

Learning how to wear cap toe shoes for men is essential to achieve the overall desired look. 

Even when considering their versatility, leather is different than suede, and brown is not the same as black. So when choosing your next pair of designer cap toe shoes for men, you should think carefully about when and where you are about to wear them.

As it happens with different materials and colors, the fact remains when considering the difference between a gala dinner, an office meeting or casual stroll through the city.

A valuable season-rule for when to wear cap toe shoes for men would go like this: 

  • Spring/Summer: suede light colored cap toe shoes for men;
  • Fall/winter: leather dark colored cap toe shoes for men.

Nevertheless, fashion is not exactly known for rule following, is it? Some rules were meant to be broken. Because of that, let’s dig a little deeper and find out how to wear cap toe shoes for men with jeans, chinos, suits, and even a tuxedo.


Cap toe shoes for men with jeans

Cap toe shoes for men with jeans are an excellent option when the goal is to look sophisticated, yet casual. This ensemble helps you feel extremely comfortable in a more cultured and gentlemanly way.

The central idea is to pair your cap toe shoes for men with your jeans, while paying attention to color matching.

Blue jeans and brown or tanned cap toe shoes for men are a classic smart-casual look, complete with a button-up shirt. For an edgier look, you can pair black leather cap toe shoes for men with skinny dark denim jeans and a slim white t-shirt. 

When necessary, both options can be topped with an appropriate jacket: a blazer or a leather jacket, respectively. 

Make sure you feel comfortable in your jeans and that either the t-shirt or the button-up shirt is well fitted. Also, everything should look neat and clean. Feel free to experiment with printed t-shirts, but the idea is to keep simple.


Cap toe shoes for men with chinos

With chinos and a pair of cap toe shoes for men the overall look can be slightly elevated. 

Again, color matching is essential. Nevertheless, the colors chosen for your chinos should be basic: navy, brown or light-brown chinos are all great choices to pair with either brown or black cap toes.

But bolder choices can also be made. A pair of red chinos, for example, can be complemented by a white t-shirt, with your cap toe shoes for men balancing things off in a neutral shade.

And if t-shirts are not exactly your favorite piece of clothing, then a button-up shirt is the answer, topped with a blazer for colder seasons.


Are cap toes shoes for men formal?

You may also want to wear your cap toe shoes for men for more formal occasions and may be wondering if they fit the situation. In short, yes: cap toe shoes for men are versatile enough for formal settings and can also be paired with suits and even a tuxedo.


Cap toe shoes with suits

Formal does not always require black colored shoes. This is the first rule you should remember when wearing cap toe shoes for men with suits. Imagine you are fonder of grey suits. Brown cap toe shoes for men will pair perfectly, offering you class and elegancy.

Nonetheless, black leather is always a safe and secure choice for formal occasions. When in doubt these may be the way to go, as they will fit almost every suit you can think of.


Cap toe shoes with tuxedos

With tuxedos being more than standardized, there’s really only one answer to wearing cap toe shoes for men with tuxedos: a shiny finish.

With black genuine leather cap toes with a shiny finish, you will achieve the required classic look and step up a level when it comes to common dress shoes. 


Where should cap toes shoes for men crease?

Last, but not least, there is also a very common question that is important to address: where should cap toes shoes for men crease?

All shoes eventually crease. It’s natural. But since cap toes boast their distinctive seam right in the middle of the toe box, many wonder if there’s an exact place for them to crease.

Ideally, a shoe that fits will mainly crease on top of the vamp. Which means your cap toe shoes for men should crease slightly behind their toe box seam.

However, reality differs from person to person – and from shoe to shoe – without it being necessarily wrong. Much more important than where should any shoe crease, is what can we do to prevent it. Or how to delay it.

Creasing can be avoided by following three simple steps:

  • Own more than one single pair of shoes, so each one is used less often;
  • Maintain your leather or suede shoes with appropriate care materials;
  • And store your shoes with a shoetree.


Cap toe shoes for men online

Cap toe shoes for men online by Carlos Santos are handcrafted in Portugal by a team of expert craftsmen and women. They are beautifully designed and made with premium materials and according to the best construction methods available.

They can pair well with a wide array of combinations, offering you a contemporary vibe capable of adapting to the most formal of occasions. So whether you are gearing up for a wedding or just looking for your next pair of everyday shoes, these will certainly fit the bill.