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1 . 4 . 2020

Handcrafted Shoes

Goodyear Welted

In 1869, Charles Goodyear Jr., the son of Charles Goodyear, invented the Goodyear welt, a strip that can be made out of leather, rubber or plastic, and runs along the perimeter of a shoe outsole, even though he only patented the Goodyear Welt sewing machine in 1871. Despite the fact that it was invented more than a hundred years ago, the Goodyear Welted construction continues to be considered one of the finest methods of shoe construction today.

At Carlos Santos Shoes our main goal is to provide customers with quality products above anything else. Whenever someone puts their trust on us, we take that very seriously. As such, we commit only to the best methods to bring our creations to life. Chief among them, the Goodyear Welted process. And if we haven’t yet convinced you, please allow us to guide you through the many advantages of pursuing this precise path.

First of all, durability quite simply has to be mentioned. As you may have noticed, we live in a world that perceives items of clothing as being disposable. That couldn’t be further from the truth, but it nevertheless has an impact in the way that many brands make their products. After all, if the customer himself knows he’s paying for shoes that won’t last for long, why will they put any effort in making them durable? Now, Carlos Santos Shoes knows the audience it serves, our customers have high demands and are not interested in settling for anything other than perfection.

Those are also our values and the Goodyear Welted process helps guaranteeing that our shoes not only last for much longer, but that they can also endure a resoling without falling out of its original last shape or affecting the upper leather, due to its multiple-layer construction. Sure, it’s individually speaking more expensive, but consider it as an investment that will save you money in the future and allow you to look dashing for as long as you want to.

Also, keep in mind that wearing them might just become addictive. You see, a goodyear-made shoe ensures you perfect support and stability, guaranteeing a sense of comfort that you must experience for yourself. Adding to that idea, let us inform you of two other bonuses. One, the fact that you will get a higher level of support means you’ll get a sturdy shoe with the possibility of creating a more refined and foot-like shape in the sole and last. Second, the intricate and multiple layered construction adds to the shoe's water resistance.

And if you haven’t yet been convinced by our arguments, then before we let the case rest, let us just mention the importance of the design. Whenever you buy a shoe, achieving a good look is obviously what you aim. Thanks to the particular style of stitching the Goodyear Welted provides, these shoes acquire an appearance that possess a beautifully unique flair, that is immediately recognizable, as the upper curves inwards in respect to the edge of the sole.


What is the Goodyear Welted system?

“But what exactly is the Goodyear Welted technique?” Well, allows to explain. Basically, the welt is a leather strip sewn to the upper and insole that is used to sew on the mid and outsoles. That welt will then form a cavity below the insole, that will, over time, perfectly mould to the shape of your foot, providing you with the comfort of a glove.


How does the Goodyear Welted system work?

The Goodyear Welting technique can be done in two ways: by machine or by hand and involves several steps, though to make things simpler, let’s just say that it all revolves around the sewing of a leather strip the upper and insole that is used to sewn on the mid and outsoles.


Goodyear Welted Footwear

The Goodyear Welted technique produces durable and water-resistant footwear, that easily adapts to the specific shape of your feet and can possesses a unique flair, making it the rare shoe that can be successfully paired with just about anything.

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