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Handcrafted Shoes

How are Shoes Made?

Shoes can be made in a variety of ways. But essential to the entire process is both the choosing of the construction method, the materials with which to make them, and the desired shoe style to handcraft.

However, at Carlos Santos Shoes, shoes are made in such a way they can adapt to the many settings and occasions one can be put through, as well as your own unique style.

From the Goodyear Welted to the Sacchetto constructions methods; from the unique material that is leather to their suede counterparts; from the lace-up shoe style to monk straps and boots. If you have been wondering how are shoes made, then read on. You have just arrived at the right place.


How are shoes made according to the different construction methods

Even though every shoe style similarly shares the same shoe anatomy, the way shoes are made varies according to the different construction methods that can be chosen and applied. 

At Carlos Santos Shoes, our expert craftsmen and women specialize in what can surely be described as the finest constructions methods in existence. In other words, our shoes are made following not only the Goodyear Welted method, but also the Blake Stich, and the Sacchettos.

More recently, we have also begun handcrafting shoes according to a new system: the Saint Crispin.

Shoes made through each of these methods have their own benefits and advantages, offering every shoe style different levels of comfort and elegance. Below, we will briefly explore each construction method applied at Carlos Santos. 


How are shoes made according to Goodyear Welted

Goodyear Welted is one of the most widely recognized constructions methods in the world. Through this construction method, shoes are made by stitching a uniquely prepared strip of leather (called the welt) to the upper and the ribbing pre-attached to the insole. 

After this step, a special machine is used to stitch it all together to the outsole, without damaging the upper.

This is done by protecting the materials such as leather or suede, with a specific material which is applied in a vacuum and is transparent, so that shoes made according to the Goodyear Welted don’t get damaged or dirty.

Shoes made according to the Goodyear Welted require more than 150 different processes and more than 200 manual operations, resulting in a much more resistant and comfortable pair of shoes than most other types provide.


How are shoes made according to Blake Stitch

On pair with the Goodyear Welted, the Blake Stitch is the other most recognized construction method used to make shoes. In this case, the upper is sewn to the sole, directly from the inside.

As it is done so, the outsole usually ends up very close to the upper. Shoes made according to Blake Stitch can be slightly less resistant, but this feature is compensated by its resoling capabilities. 

At the same time, Blake Stitch made shoes allow for the creation of slimmer designs which, in turn, can offer the wearer a more elegant look. 

How are shoes made according to Sacchetto

Shoes made through the Sacchetto construction method are also known by another name: the Bologna shoes. As well as other construction systems, the Sacchettos also require hundreds of manual operations to achieve exceptional flexibility and comfort.

These two characteristics are attained by the unique format shoes can take.

Sacchettos are shoes made to take the shape of a “glove” in which the wearer comfortably rests both feet. The interior is sewn without any seams that could potentially scratch or otherwise scrape the skin. 


How are shoes made with Leather

Leather is a unique material. After thousands of years, it still is one of the most popular choices shoemakers take to make shoes. 

Leather is both flexible and resistant and yet strong enough to withstand the hundreds of manual operations required to make an elegant pair of shoes.

Not only that, shoes made with leather are both long-lasting and recyclable which are but a few of its many advantages and why we at Carlos Santos choose to work with it to handcraft quality shoes. 

Alongside the versatility it provides, leather can also be maintained or repaired effortlessly.

Top grain leather is the thickest and most resistant type, but Suede, on the other hand, is softer and smoother. Nonetheless, they all share the same benefits.


How Carlos Santos Shoes are Made

At Carlos Santos Shoes online store, shoes are made according to the Goodyear Welted, Blake Stich, and the Bologna construction systems. More recently, we also launched a new style of shoe called the Suede Driving Shoes which is done by using a particular construction method called the Tubular construction.

Handcrafted in leather or suede, at Carlos Santos Shoes you can find quality and elegant shoes for men, from lace-up styles such as the Cap Toes and the Derby to the more intricate styles of the monk straps and the clean design of the Loafers.

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