29 . 6 . 2022

Carlos Santos Shoes

Types of Shoes for Men

There are dozens of types of shoes for men. Getting to know every one of them can be a lifelong learning experience. But getting to know the several types of shoes for men handcrafted at Carlos Santos is a great place to begin.

Every man’s wardrobe should make available at least three types of shoes for men: one pair of sneakers, one formal pair of shoes, and one business/smart casual choice.

If you want to put together an elegant or stylish outfit whenever you need one, having these three types of shoes for men available to you is an important step in the right direction.

The problem is in the almost unlimited choices at your disposal. So alongside the basic types of shoes for men described above, it is also important to consider your lifestyle: where you work, your social gatherings, your workout place, and your vacation spots.

For everything that makes your life uniquely yours, there is footwear to be considered essential.

We are here to guide you through the Carlos Santos types of shoes for men, handcrafted by a team of expert craftsmen and women.

But before we begin, please note that as with everything with a touch of art and creativity, ultimately the choices you make are subjective to your own experiences and personal preferences or taste.


Boots for Men

Boots are one of the classic types of shoes for men. They have been around for thousands of years. The main reason for this is two-fold: boots for men can be both comfortable and sturdy.

But today they are also very practical, as well as versatile. Especially when handcrafted in leather and particularly in winter.

This type of shoes for men works well in your day-to-day dwellings, from casual business meetings during the week to dinner parties and walking strolls on the weekends.

Therefore, a pair of leather boots for men should always feel comfortable, durable, and safe.

They can be used all year round and if you are planning on investing in a pair of quality boots, they will last you years if properly taken care of. 


Lace-up Shoes for Men

Lace-up shoes for men are, probably, the most common and widely chosen type of shoes for men. Brogues, Cap Toes, or One-Cuts all neatly fit in this category which ranges from the more casual option to the pinnacle of formality. 

Although every man should own at least one pair of boots, that is not mandatory.

Lace-ups, on the other hand, are the type of shoes for men that are. 

Lace-up shoes for men can be the go-to option every single day: the official formal industry meeting, the business lunch with either peers or competitors, the dinner with the wife or friends, and the weekend stroll or even a wedding are just but a few of the occasions where this type of shoes for men can adapt to.

With an attractive leather design, handcrafted by master experts, at Carlos Santos Shoes you can find a wide range of lace-up shoes for men, perfect for any occasion you may need them. But maybe you are looking for different types of shoes for men?

Loafers for Men

Lately, loafers for men have been resurging in popularity as one of the most casual types of shoes for men. However, the truth is they stand at the edge between casualty and formality.

When properly outfitted, loafers can still be appropriate to wear in the office.

Whatever the style you choose (Penny loafers, tassel loafers, suede loafers, or driving shoes), loafers are always lace-less and considered the slip-on shoe of adulthood.

This type of shoes for men is aesthetically versatile and always comfortable, particularly during the summer. 


Monk Strap Shoes for Men

Monk Strap Shoes for men are widely renowned for their classical design. This is one of the edgier choices to make when choosing between different types of shoes for men. 

They are known for their classic design, featuring minimal detailing and an uncluttered appearance of smoothness.

Whether in a single buckle or double buckle version, this is a type of shoes for men that provides charisma to every outfit.

However, you either love them or hate them. There is no middle ground when it comes to the Monk Straps. But one thing is certain: more often than not, going for this type of shoes for men is a choice of a bold and confident man.


Sneakers for Men

As one of the types of shoes for men that are essential to every man, sneakers are in a category of their own. In terms of comfortability, they are unmatched, as they should be. 

However, sneakers for men are a type of shoes for men that is casual by definition. They were intended for sportsmen and women in the first place. More than style, they provide the wearer with enough support and comfort to walk, and walk, and walk.

Nonetheless, soon enough many shoe designers began to bring them into our everyday activities. Today, sneakers are a type of shoes for men eminently casual, but with a clean sense of style. 

They go well with almost every casual or smart-casual outfit.

And depending on where you work, they can also adjust to office work. But that is where the line is drawn for sneakers.

Either as a statement piece or just a comfortable way to move around town, there are types of shoes for men suitable for every single one of your daily, weekly, or even yearly encounters. 

As long as you feel great wearing them, you can be sure that any type of shoes for men you choose is most probably the right choice for you. Walk with confidence and make them yours.