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Handcrafted Shoes

Handcrafted Shoes

Shoes are one of the most important parts of a man’s outfit and overall look. They can have different appeals and purposes but should always feel comfortable. Particularly in an age where we run everywhere, all the time.

And this is precisely what you accomplish with a good pair of handcrafted shoes: style and comfort. 

Fine handcrafted shoes do more than just be beautifully designed and constructed. They support your feet, your entire body weight, and increase in delight and pleasure over time and use.

Handcrafted shoes are what you find at Carlos Santos. We offer you a variety of options, from one-cuts to loafers and sneakers. Luckily for us, men have a wide range of styles to choose from. 

But what does it mean to own a pair of handcrafted shoes? And what is the difference between handcrafted and handmade shoes? Keep on reading.


What are handcrafted shoes?

To properly understand what handcrafted shoes are, we need to take a few steps back. Construction systems such as Goodyear Welted aside, the truth is there can only be a few different ways to make shoes.

Three, to be precise: handmade, handcrafted, or mass-produced.

Mass-produced footwear is the average, everyday pair of shoes you see in most stores – online or otherwise. Fully handmade shoes are those constructed without the use of any machinery. Zero. They are entirely sewn by hand, top to bottom. 

Naturally, fully handmade shoes are very, very rare. Only a few dozen brands can manage to make it a business. It’s not hard to understand why: they can only construct a limited number of shoes per year.

It takes an enormous amount of time, and that is why their price tag can go up by thousands of dollars. “Handmade” footwear we see advertised every day are actually handcrafted shoes. There is no confusion here. It’s a matter of terminology. 

Handcrafted shoes require the same expert hands of professional cobblers, craftsmen and women. Most of the construction is done by hand. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for a pair of Carlos Santos Shoes to demand over 200 manual operations. 

Nonetheless, these expert hands are aided by special machinery in order to create a pair of handcrafted shoes. Such an example is the Langhorn machine we use for Blake Stitch.

In short, handcrafted shoes are the handmade shoes of the XXI century, as opposed to what it meant for something to be handmade a few centuries ago. 

Since we’re on the topic, have you seen how many “handmade” products you can find on the market today? Isn’t that…strange? Especially given the technological advances we have been through. What’s the difference?

Handmade vs handcrafted shoes

The difference between handmade and handcrafted shoes is pretty straightforward. Handmade is when something is entirely made by hand. 100% made by hand. No help from any kind of machinery or technology.

Handcrafted shoes are still made by hand. However, hand-operated machinery is still used.

Time and efficiency are only part of the reason why many quality and luxury brands opt to handcraft instead of handmade. 

Handmade is an extremely laborious process, demanding the highest prices from consumers. On the other hand, handcrafted shoes require almost the same level of expertise to create equally high-quality shoes but are much more affordable to the consumer.

Just imagine the skill needed to take a premium piece of leather and transform it into something as incredible as a wingtip brogue?

It truly is a thin line between handmade and handcrafted shoes. 


Types of handcrafted shoes

All types of shoes can be handcrafted shoes. At Carlos Santos, all our shoes are handcrafted by a team of expert craftsmen and women, with dedication and passion for their work.

The results speak for themselves. 


Leather Handcrafted Shoes

Leather handcrafted shoes designed by Carlos Santos include everything from lace-ups to monk straps, sneakers, and loafers. They have a high level of comfort, alongside a significantly longer lifespan. 

Our handcrafted leather footwear provides the wearer with an elegant appearance, blending know-how and contemporary design. The same happens with handcrafted boots.


Handcrafted Leather Boots

Our handcrafted leather boots are constructed according to different systems and carefully chosen materials. These offer you an authentic feel and a unique look. 

Our designs are inspired by the classic models – which also happens with our handcrafted shoes. From the classic lace-up boots to the Chelsea, Chukka, and Jodhpur models, these can all be a comfortable and very versatile option. 


Are handcrafted shoes worth it?

Every man can choose between mass-produced and handcrafted shoes. But the differences are found in much more than the investment required.

Investing in a pair of quality handcrafted shoes is worth it because their construction implies the use of finer materials, as well as expert handcraft.

Handcrafted shoes become custom fit with time. They are more comfortable. They breathe better.

If properly taken care of, they endure longer. And if it comes to be that the sole needs replacing, many of them can be repaired – particularly those constructed according to the Goodyear Welted method. 

And last, but definitely not least, since our handcrafted men’s shoes are inspired by the classic designs that have stood the test of time, they will never, ever, become out of style. 


Handcrafted shoes online

Handcrafted shoes are one of the most popular handcrafted items out there. At Carlos Santos, we use traditional techniques, aided by specially designed machinery, and the finest materials to offer you quality handcrafted shoes online.

Just browse our online store, choose the model you are attracted to, browse its history, make sure you choose the right size, and click to order your handcrafted quality shoes. 

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