22 . 7 . 2022

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Casual Shoes for Men

Casual shoes for men is a category capable of including a lot of shoes, from white casual shoes that are just perfect for the weekends, to the more appropriate casual shoes for the office.

Black casual shoes may be the most appropriate casual shoes for men for a night out in the city, but is that the same as a pair of casual work shoes? What if they are brown casual shoes?

And do casual shoes without laces have a place in the wide, wide world that is the casual shoes for men category? What about casual formal shoes? 

As you can see, men’s casual shoes can raise a lot of questions. Let us try and answer them all.


What are Casual Shoes for Men?

There is no secret to defining casual shoes for men. Basically, this is footwear which is considered less formal than other types of shoes, to be worn within a more informal setting. Fortunately, this is where fashion, as well as society, is heading.

As such, if we had to define casual shoes for men in one line, it would be this: daily footwear. 

Even if casual shoes for men will always stand more appropriate for informal encounters or vacation trips, the truth is they are also becoming acceptable for everyday dwellings, whether you work in an office or not. 

Whatever you do, or wherever you go, during the day or even the night, casual shoes for men are your solution for a comfortable and stylish look for almost every possible occasion.

And as luck would have it, there are many types of casual shoes for men for you to choose from.


Types of Casual Shoes for Men

For the elegant man of today, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a pair of quality casual shoes for men.

Truth be told, with the exception of one or two models, almost all shoes can be included within the types of casual shoes for men – if properly paired with the right outfit.

More than the shape or the design of the shoe itself, you should pay attention to the overall look. Are you going to go for the business casual or are you more of a smart casual type?


Men’s Business Casual Shoes

At the office, it may prove difficult to walk along the very thin line between formality and not quite so formal. However, men’s business casual shoes can help you do it successfully.

Our Wingtip Brogues neatly fit this type of casual shoes for men.

They are elegant and sophisticated enough to attend an important business meeting, but not as stiff that you couldn’t also wear them during a night out with the wife and friends.

Men’s Smart Casual Shoes

Smart casual still resonates with office life, but it also takes it down a notch by throwing at the overall look some elements of casualty as well.

That is why suede shoes reign supreme in this type of casual shoes for men.

As such, smart casual shoes like our suede cap toes can instantly upgrade you into this category almost by themselves – they still need a little help, such as a pair of fitted jeans. 


Men’s Casual Dress Shoes

Could there be such a thing? In fact, yes. But as it happens with the above types of casual shoes for men, it also depends on the setting chosen.

Men’s casual dress shoes when the occasion calls for dress shoes, but within a more informal encounter. For example, a family and friends sunset cocktail gathering to celebrate a wedding anniversary. 

For this type of occasion, casual shoes for men such as our loafers for men may be the answer you are looking for. They may be the best men’s casual slip-ons.


Men’s Casual Boots

Boots are now a type of casual shoes for men only because fashion is also becoming casual by default. Otherwise, boots would only be acceptable in the wilderness. However, today lace-up boots can be worn on a variety of occasions – with thought put into the matter.

Can men’s casual boots be used in an office? It depends on your office, specifically. Can boots work as casual shoes for men during a romantic dinner? It depends on the outfit you choose, specifically.


Men’s Casual Sneakers

Men’s casual sneakers are no longer exclusive to the gym or the workout outdoor running sessions. At all. In fact, they may be the most common casual shoes for men today.

Our casual sneakers are handcrafted in leather. They are leather casual shoes appropriate for either the office or a night out with colleagues and friends. 


Best Casual Shoes for Men

At Carlos Santos Shoes online store, you can find many options for you to choose from for your next pair of casual shoes for men. 

You can wear our casual shoes online with a suit, with jeans, or even with shorts.

They can be the best casual shoes for men you find with an elegant, yet relaxed sophistication, thoroughly approved for the XXI century. They are all handcrafted by a team of expert craftsmen and women, who put your comfortability at the top of their priorities.