29 . 7 . 2022

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Goodyear Welted Flex

The Goodyear Welted Flex is a variant of the renowned Goodyear Welt construction system. 

In short, the Goodyear Welted Flex provides the main characteristics of the original method, such as quality and style, but with a lot more emphasis on the comfort our shoes can offer.

Also known as Flex Goodyear Welted, this construction method combines superior materials and expert yet subtle craftsmanship to build what may very well be the most comfortable Carlos Santos Shoes available.

We will explain why that is, while you keep on reading.


What is the Goodyear Welted Flex system?

Goodyear Welted Flex is a modern shoe production method. It was developed for comfortably wearing shoes, without compromising on either the quality or the design made available by the original system.

The need for its creation was due to the ‘breaking-in’ period shoes constructed according to the original method were also known for. Because Goodyear Welted footwear is so durable and resistant, it takes some time for them to adjust, soften, and perfectly adapt to the feet. 

Therefore, Goodyear Welted Flex is an innovative technique that exponentially increases shoe flexibility, while maintaining its durability features. You can forget about the ‘breaking-in’ period. 

With a pair of Goodyear Welted Flex shoes designed by Carlos Santos, you can directly step into a world of comfort, with a light and flexible feel. 


How are the Goodyear Welted Flex shoes made?

In essence, the process for making a pair of Goodyear Welted Flex shoes is much the same as its original counterpart.

Together with the upper and the lining leather, the unique piece that is the Welt is stitched to the ribbing previously attached to the insole. Without damaging the upper, it is all then stitched again to the outsole.

This is also the welt that forms the cavity below the insole. At Carlos Santos, we fill this gap with cork to increase your comfort levels.

Now onto what differentiates the Goodyear Welted Flex from the original Goodyear construction method.

Goodyear Welted Flex is the result of years and years of research and innumerous experiments, trials, and assessments. 

How can you tell if it’s Goodyear Welted Flex

As you have seen, shoes handcrafted according to the Goodyear Welted Flex follow much the same construction method, but in time we have found that when using more exquisite and distinguished materials, we achieve more flexibility without damaging the quality our clients are accustomed to. 

To tell if a shoe is constructed according to either the Goodyear method or the Goodyear Welted Flex one only needs to pay attention to its main feature: the two-stitched pattern.

The stitching is visible on the top of the Welt as well as the bottom of the shoe. The Goodyear Welted Flex also allows for footwear to be more water-resistant since there is no connection between its inside and outside. 

Lastly, you can also inquire about the material filling in the gap provided by the welt. If it is indeed a Goodyear shoe, then cork should be the answer. 


Benefits of the Goodyear Welted Flex shoe system

The Goodyear Welted Flex gets its name from ‘Flex’ibility. Which is by far the main benefit of this construction system. However, flexibility also means comfort.

Put it together with longevity and durability – two benefits that come from the original construction method – and you get an almost perfect pair of quality shoes.



Investing in a pair of Goodyear Welted Flex shoes means you have decided to invest in a pair of shoes that will last you a generation. The high-quality materials needed to handcraft them means moisture takes much longer to penetrate them.

Not only that, but your feet are also farther away from the floor and even if the soles wear out, they can be repaired or resoled. 



As time passes, Goodyear Welted Flex shoes further take the shape of the feet. When properly taken care of, premium leather will last you a long time. And as they are more flexible, they are more resistant to the common creases in traditional leather shoes. 



Over time, Goodyear Welted Flex shoes inevitably take the shape of your feet. In a matter of days, they almost become custom fitted to you alone.

The upper softens and the cork used to fill in the gap of the Welt takes the shape of the foot. After wearing them a few times, we guarantee you’ll want nothing else.


Is it worth investing in Goodyear Welted Flex?

In short, yes. Carlos Santos Goodyear Welted Flex shoes are handcrafted with premium leather by a team of expert craftsmen and women. 

The method requires hundreds of processes and manual operations. Their benefits are renowned and extremely well established.

The only difference between the Goodyear Welted Flex and the original method comes down to flexibility as well as how quickly you achieve the comfort you desire.

You can picture them as a time-machine transporting you directly into a time of perfect fit and comfortability. 

Finally, this is also a once-in-a-ten-years investment. With proper care, Goodyear Welted Flex shoes will last you for a long time. And if that was not enough, the truth is they can be used in almost all situations, naturally depending on the design and style chosen. 

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