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26 . 12 . 2022

Carlos Santos Shoes

Winter Shoes for Men

Winter shoes for men are an essential piece for the colder months of the year. But when it comes to choosing the very best winter shoes for men there’s more to consider than what you may have thought.

Alongside elegance and style, you also need to consider other important features such as warmth, especially if you live in a place where winter is deemed harsher.

At the same time, winter shoes for men need not look squared and outdated. Quite the contrary. If you’re looking for a quality pair of men’s winter shoes with a classic, timeless design and all the attributes required to face the elements, read on.

We’ve put together a list of the best winter shoes for men that you can order online at Carlos Santos Shoes. 


Best Winter Shoes for Men

The best winter shoes for men are required to accomplish two things: keep your feet dry and look good doing it. In short, it can be as simple as this. In practice, however, there are a lot of options to choose from.

With that in mind, we began our selection of the best winter shoes for men by sorting out the material. Evidently, leather is the most appropriate to come up against the winter elements.

Next, we honed the selection by style and shoe design. Boots were always going to be in the mix for the best of the best winter shoes for men – but which style of boots? We’ve settled on four different styles: Chelsea, Chukka, Jodhpur, and the timeless lace-ups.

At the same time, there’s always the possibility that you do not like nor need a pair of boots. What about then? 

Having this in mind we’ve also selected a few shoe styles that we’re sure will work as your winter shoes for men. Leather sneakers and lace-ups are perfect for winter, but we have also included the leather monk straps for added elegance and one surprise pick.

So, without further ado, here are Carlos Santos’ best winter shoes for men.


Leather Boots

There are many types of leather boots for men, but today we’ll be exploring the best men’s winter boots. All winter shoes for men need to be durable and resistant enough to withstand the winter season. But that is of little concern if they are not handcrafted with expert craftsmanship or if they are not elegant enough to fit your personal style

At Carlos Santos Shoes, our boots and winter shoes for men are constructed according to the best available construction methods and designed to pay a tribute to the absolute classics. 

This is the reason why our men’s winter boots list includes the beautiful Chelsea boots, the classic lace-ups, and the elegant Chukka and Jodhpur boots as your perfect winter shoes for men.


Leather Chelsea Boots

When your winter season is limited to heavy winds and rainy strolls, our leather Chelsea Boots are a perfect candidate for your go-to pair of winter shoes for men.

Not only are they comfortable and waterproof – given the minimal seams and the leather material – but they are also extremely elegant and stylish. Their timeless design means you can wear them as your winter shoes for men, as well as throughout the year, further justifying the investment.


Leather Chukka Boots

Leather Chukka Boots are the perfect blend between elegance and casualness. Their calf leather exterior will be of great assistance as they work as your favorite winter shoes for men.

Nevertheless, leather Chukka boots have been designed to fit the current times, more than winter itself.

So if you’re thinking of acquiring a pair of these, you should make sure there won’t be any snow where you live, given the fact that the sole of these winter shoes for men are thinner than other options.

But if you winter say…in Spain, then the Chukka boots will be more than welcomed, helping you enjoy the holiday season with an elegant style in a wonderful pair winter shoes for men.



Leather lace-up boots

Leather lace-up boots are an absolute classic when it comes to winter shoes for men. They are wonderfully designed, resistant, and durable. 

If you decide to invest in a pair of leather lace-up boots as your winter shoes for men, you can be sure they will last you a long, long time. Certainly more than one winter season.

Better than that, they will age beautifully – giving you a touch of extra personality every time you wear them. Featuring form, function, and style, they will be a perfect choice of winter shoes for men.


Leather jodhpur boots

When it comes to winter shoes for men, leather jodhpur boots have unique characteristics that set them apart from other boot styles. Simply put, their elegance is unmatched.

They are also very practical and versatile, which will allow you to wear them not only as your winter shoes for men but also as your most stylish option throughout the year.

Leather lace-up shoes

If you’re not accustomed to wearing boots, then our leather lace-up shoes are your best option as a pair of winter shoes for men.

Nevertheless, as it happens with boots, so too there are many options for lace-up shoes. With that being said, we suggest two different shoe styles for your next pair of winter shoes for men: sneakers and monk straps.

Both vary in terms of elegance and casualness, but they’re both expertly handcrafted in leather and more than appropriate to withstand the winter season and become your favorite pair of winter shoes for men.


Leather sneakers

Leather sneakers are your most casual winter shoes for men. But don’t let that dishearten you! Fashion is becoming more casual by the day and almost every occasion can do with a pair of leather sneakers, especially if they are well-made and beautifully designed. 

Our leather sneakers collection includes a wide array of comfortable options that we’re sure will fit your every need while quickly becoming your favorite winter shoes for men.


Leather monk straps

On the opposite side of casualty, there are leather monk straps as your pair of winter shoes for men.

Leather monk straps will always be an elegant choice, no matter the season. But as your winter shoes for men, they will allow you to keep your personal style in line, particularly if you’re accustomed to wearing suits. 

At Carlos Santos Shoes, you’ll find two types of leather monk straps: single buckle, as well as their double buckle variation.


Leather loafers

Surprised? Don’t be! The fact is that not all winters are alike. So the same holds true for winter shoes for men. Some men may indeed need an expertly crafted pair of leather boots to endure winter, but others may be just fine with a pair of quality leather loafers

Loafers are an extremely popular option, even when considering them as winter shoes for men. 

If you live in a place where winter is somewhat mild, more akin to autumn, then leather loafers may just surprise you at how well they behave as your pair of winter shoes for men.


Winter Shoes for Men Online

Not finding exactly what you need? At Carlos Santos Shoes, we have an excellent selection of winter shoes for men online that go beyond what we have shared with you today.

All Carlos Santos Shoes are handcrafted in high-quality materials, by the hands of expert craftsmen and women. Our designs are timeless, iconic, and exclusively available in our own color palette. Explore our online store and acquire today a beautiful pair of winter shoes for men.