10 . 11 . 2022

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Suede Monk Shoes for Men

Suede monk shoes for men are a suede variation of men’s monk strap shoes. 

Theirs is a classic design, with minimal detailing and decorations. Nevertheless, when handcrafted in suede, men’s suede monk shoes become less formal in nature and can help you step into the world of casual yet refined.

The charisma they provide remains very much the same, although much more adapted to the needs of the XXI century. If you have been wondering about when and how to wear suede monk shoes for men, then read on.


What are Suede Monk Shoes for Men

Suede monk shoes for men are a type of shoe widely renowned for their buckles. Instead of laces, they are tightened by a single or a double strap that can be adjusted with the help of buckles.

That is also why these can also be called suede monk straps or just buckle shoes in suede.

Whichever the case may be, their most important feature is the material: suede.

Suede is softer and smoother than leather, with a very recognizable look and feel very similar to that of velvet. Although suede shares most of the benefits of leather, the fact is it also needs a little more care. 

So, if you’re wondering about how you should clean your suede shoes, we have already shared a few tips about the subject.


When to wear Suede Monk Shoes for Men?

There is only one rule to follow when considering when to wear suede monk shoes for men: do not get them wet. Both double monk suede shoes, as well as the suede monk shoes with a strap, are very susceptible to liquids. They are not exactly “rain shoes”. 

This means suede monk shoes for men are essentially spring/summer shoes. 

Naturally, they can also be used during fall and winter, as long as you pay attention to the weather.

And to get the most out of them, read on to learn a few tricks on how to properly wear a pair of handcrafted suede monk shoes for men.

How to wear Suede Monk Shoes for Men?

Before getting into how to wear suede monk shoes for men, there are two common questions we first need to address. And one general guideline rule.

First, how should they fit?

Most comfortable monk strap shoes should feel snugger than your average shoe. Your feet should always feel relaxed. 

To keep them that way, an extra layer of care is needed. Particularly when considering that all suede shoes in general tend to stretch over time. As such, owning a shoetree is highly recommendable so that they are always ready for when you need them. 

Next, the general guide rule for suede monk shoes can be summed up into one word: experimentation. 

As you get accustomed to them, feel free to experiment with different styles and clothing combinations.

Suede monk shoes for men are more in style than they have ever been. Casual, business-casual, and formal are all fashion styles within your reach. Let’s take a look at all of them.


Casual suede monk shoes for men

With their clean design, suede monk shoes can easily help you up a level. If you’re looking for an overall casual but groomed look, tan suede monk shoes can work extremely well with a pair of light-blue jeans.

In line with their classic design, you can also go for the classic casual combination, pairing your jeans with a white t-shirt. For a smart-casual ensemble, add a blazer or a leather jacket.

And if you opt for the double monks in suede, you can also keep one of the straps unfastened, adding yet another layer of informality.


Business-casual suede monk shoes

Business-casual suede monk shoes may be one of the best options you have at your disposal. This is where they truly shine.

With or without a tie, one great combination is to pair them with a pair of chinos, a white button-up shirt, and a cardigan. 


Suede monk shoes with a suit

Suede monk shoes with a suit let you step into every office and any formal encounter with a well-thought-of style.

Except if what you are wearing is a black suit: these demand leather monk straps.

Other than that, brown suede monk shoes for men tend to be the safest choice. They work well with a grey suit, as well as with a classic navy-blue suit.

One great way to add another layer is to match your watch and belt colors to the color of your monk straps.


Suede Monk Shoes for Men Online

Suede monk shoes for men online can be found at Carlos Santos Shoes online store. 

These are handcrafted in suede, according to the best possible construction methods by the hands of expert craftsmen and women.

Suede double monk strap shoes are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. As long as you take proper care, we are sure they will keep you company for a long time to come.