27 . 9 . 2022

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Suede Shoes in the Summer

Can you wear suede shoes in the summer? Every year, hundreds of men ask this question. If the goal of those summer days is for you to feel fresh, light, and breezy, then the answer should be clear: yes, you can.

Why would you not wear suede shoes in the summer? Suede is a very soft and comfortable material. It’s lighter than leather and its texture can also add a subtle richness and elegance to any summer look or outfit.

Aside from the occasional rainy day, and as long as you keep them away from water and salt, suede can be a perfect choice for all summer shoes for men. 

Nonetheless, there are a few nuances you need to pay attention to, before walking in your new handcrafted suede shoes in the summer. Read on and get the advice you need on how to style and wear suede in the summer.


Types of suede shoes in the summer

In itself, suede alone is not enough. To make it seasonally appropriate, one needs to get acquainted with the best types of suede shoes in the summer.

Men’s suede summer shoes must first blend this soft and airy material with the right shoe design or type and then be properly combined with the right outfit. 

Suede shoes in the summer are a smart, stylish choice. But can you wear suede shoes and shorts? And what about suede sneakers in the summer? Is this an appropriate choice?

Wearing suede shoes in the summer is a step-by-step process.

In time, we’ll answer all these questions. First step: a glance at the right types of suede shoes in the summer. In our expert opinion, there are three: lace-up shoes, loafers, and sneakers.


Lace-up shoes

If you are looking for a slightly toned-down version of an otherwise formal outfit, then the lace-ups can be the suede shoes in the summer you have been looking for. Particularly for those hotter days at the office, perhaps patiently waiting for a perfect week somewhere in Europe.

However, this type of suede shoes in the summer is extremely versatile.

In fact, you could go straight from the office to the airport and into your summer vacations with ease. Not only can they be used for the entire summer season, but they can also take you well into autumn. Just beware of the rain.

Our suede lace-up shoes are handcrafted in suede, according to the best construction methods available, such as Goodyear Welt or the Blake Stitch.


Naturally, sneakers are the most casual choice of suede shoes in the summer. At the same time, they can probably be the most comfortable option.

Handcrafted in suede, our sneakers have a clean design, as well as small details that distinguish them from other types of casual sneakers.

With these suede shoes in the summer and on your feet, weekend outfits and holiday strolls will not only make you look elegantly relaxed but also as light as a summer cloud.



Last, but not least, loafers are a type of suede shoes in the summer that can help you pull off the smart-casual or the business-casual attires. 

We have written extensively on the subject, and you can find all the information you need here, which includes the best ways on how to properly wear a pair of handcrafted suede loafers for men.


What to wear with suede shoes in the summer?

To properly wear suede shoes in the summer heavily relies on choosing either lighter colors, such as white or beige or more summery and warmer colors, such as green or orange.

Generally speaking, suede shoes in the summer can be paired with almost every kind of outfit, as long as the color you chose for the shoes suitable match the rest of the look.

Imagine you decided to wear suede shoes in the summer such as a pair of red suede lace-ups. Pairing them with another warm color such as a yellow polo shirt and a pair of white shorts for a little weightless feel can make for the perfect combination. Yes: shorts are perfectly appropriate to wear alongside your suede shoes in the summer. Not only with lace-ups but also with sneakers or suede loafers.

Just imagine a pair of beige suede sneakers, with a light-brown pair of shorts and a white, button-down shirt. With pants, the same rule applies: color matching is essential for suede shoes in the summer.

Let’s say your newly acquired suede loafers came in light brown: a pair of chinos in just a slightly darker tone, combined with a brown shirt can also be worthy of note.

There are many ways to wear suede shoes in the summer. If you follow this simple color matching rule, you can make them your own. And if you are looking for inspiration, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram.


Suede shoes in the summer by Carlos Santos

Our suede shoes in the summer are designed by Carlos Santos and expertly handcrafted by our craftsmen and women in premium quality suede.

They are constructed according to the best possible methods and our latest suede shoes in the summer collection feature two new and beautiful types of soles: the Malibu and the Tequila soles. 

Look for them online and just enjoy the most relaxed and elegant suede shoes in the summer.