20 . 1 . 2023

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The Best Men’s Winter Boots

The best men’s winter boots are your perfect walking companion for embracing and braving the cold, wet, and slippery conditions winter is known for. 

But with so many style options at your disposal, we understand it can be difficult to find the best men’s winter boots to suit all your needs. After all, what makes a pair of boots considered to be the best to face the harsh conditions of winter? 

Should functionality be the only thing on your mind? And is there such a thing as the “perfect” pair of boots?

Perfection is a somewhat subjective matter. In the end, only you can decide what it means for you, exactly. For our part, the best we can do is to provide you with the best men’s winter boots you can find at Carlos Santos Shoes.

From practical choices to more stylish options, we are sure you will find a pair of expertly crafted boots you shall consider your best men’s winter boots.


Main features of the Best Men’s Winter Boots

To begin with, one must know the main features of the best men’s winter boots. In short, winter boots are designed to withstand cold weather. The problem here is that “cold weather” may differ from region to region.

So, first, you need to look out for winter shoes and boots that are aligned with the climate conditions of where you live or where you want to take your best men’s winter boots with you.

This is also the time to consider style vs. functionality. The best men’s winter boots for someone enjoying winter in Paris will be rather different than the ones needed to enjoy winter in the snowy Alps of Switzerland.

Naturally, the Swiss Alps will require your best boots to be more functional than stylish. On the other hand, Paris can afford a little bit more flair. 

Nevertheless, one should always strive to own a pair of winter boots for men that looks good, although never forgetting their much-needed functionality.

To style and function, we must also add durability and resistance to the main features required for the best men’s winter boots available. To withstand the rigors of cold and avoid wearing and tearing, your best men’s boots should be handcrafted in the highest-quality materials available.

Having these things considered, which are then our best men’s winter boots?


The Best Men’s Winter Boots by Carlos Santos Shoes

Carlos Santos Shoes specializes in handcrafting iconic shoes and boots for men, in a variety of different styles. 

The best men’s winter boots by Carlos Santos Shoes are those that begin by suiting your personal style, while having enough versatility to be used on diverse occasions, from the wild outdoors to the casual stroll in the city.

Having looked at all the possibilities, we’ve settled on two types of boots for men: the lace-ups and the Chelsea. 

They can both work as your best men’s winter boots and both have their unique characteristics, and both can offer you different looks while maintaining their overall design.

Lace-up Boots for Men

Lace-up boots for men are one of the most perfected shoes of all time. They are classic, timeless, and adaptable, all at the same time.

It would not be an understatement to call them your perfect choice of footwear, especially for winter. 

Amongst our available online boots selection, we believe there are five models perfectly able to become your best men’s winter boots. These are the Stalone, the Maxwel, the Christopher, the Grant, and the Whinderson.

They’re all handcrafted in leather (essential for the cold season), and they all have something different to offer you.

The Stalone model is your more traditional choice for the best men’s winter boots. They’re lace-ups, handcrafted in leather and ending above the ankle.

For the warmest options, you can opt for either the Grant or the Whinderson models as your best men’s winter boots, as fur is added to their insides.

If you’re looking for something more classic – but ankle-high – then the Maxwel model is your answer. And if your personal style is somewhat rougher on the edges, then your best men’s winter boots should consist of a pair of shoes such as the Christopher model.

Remember that almost all types of boots can be dressed up or down, depending on the situation.

For the casual look, there’s nothing better than a pair of jeans or cargo pants and a sweater to go with your best men’s winter boots.

And to dress them up, your best men’s winter boots should be paired with chinos or even a suit. But if boots and suits are what you’re looking for, then take a look at our selection of Chelsea Boots for Men.


Chelsea Boots for Men

Chelsea boots for men are unparalleled at combining fashion, style, and functionality. At the same time, not only is their design truly unique, but they’re also easier to slip on and off since they feature no laces. 

Instead, they’re distinguished by their elastic panels on the side and their extremely slim, clean design.

When it comes to men’s winter footwear, these are strong candidates for your best men’s winter boots.

They can surely be worn casually and, in the office, they’re sure to catch everyone’s attention as your best men’s winter boots. Particularly if you go for one of our four choices of Chelsea boots for men: the Gerald, the Daniel, the Eugene, or the Norris.

If you’re aiming for a classic style of Chelsea boots as your best men’s winter boots, then you should check out our Daniel and Norris Chelsea boots. Theirs is the most iconic design of all, with the Daniel model boasting a more sophisticated appearance.

Not far from the Norris, is the Eugene model. The biggest difference can be found in their height, with the Eugene model being above ankle high. 

Last but not least, there’s the Gerald model, which demands a love for the art of broguing since they’re wing-tipped.

This is a truly designer Chelsea boot, mixing two different iconic styles and putting them together to give birth to a wonderful pair of boots that is sure to become your best men’s winter boots in no time.


The Best Men’s Winter Boots Online

At Carlos Santos Shoes online store, we’re sure you’ll find your best men’s winter boots online. All our shoes are handcrafted in leather by a team of expert craftsmen and women and designed to fit modern times.

And if you’re looking for something other than Lace-up boots or Chelsea boots, you’re always free to explore our wide selection of boots for men, including the Jodhpurs – another great choice for your best men’s winter boots.