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Carlos Santos Shoes

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Types of Shoes for Men

29 . 6 . 2022

Carlos Santos Shoes

There are dozens of types of shoes for men. Getting to know absolutely all of them can be a real lifelong learning experience.


10 . 3 . 2022

Carlos Santos Shoes

If you are interested in purchasing a pair of quality leather brogues, keep reading this article, as we begin by sharing what exactly brogues are.

Quality Shoes

11 . 1 . 2022

Carlos Santos Shoes

At Carlos Santos, we believe quality shoes are a product of detail and passion. In the end, it all matters to our customers: the construction system, the materials.

Striving for Perfection with Rolls-Royce

11 . 11 . 2021

Carlos Santos Shoes

Carlos Santos was the only luxury footwear brand present, in a collection organized by one of the oldest and most prestigious car clubs in the world.

Comfortable Shoes

1 . 3 . 2020

Carlos Santos Shoes

Buying a pair of comfortable shoes is anything but a simple task.

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