13 . 10 . 2022

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Casual Sneakers for Men

Casual sneakers for men are a must-have. The perfect pair can offer you a combination of comfort and elegance, as well as versatility.

Not only can casual sneakers for men be used for the most casual of appearances, but when properly paired, they can also help you achieve that modern business-casual or smart-casual looks.

With the proper attire, casual sneakers for men are a perfect choice for almost every occasion, from a friend’s party to the business meeting or a weekend morning walk.

In short, they are comfortable and elegant to wear throughout the day, every day.


What are casual sneakers for men?

Casual sneakers for men are one of the most recognizable types of men’s casual shoes.

Usually, they are handcrafted in either leather or suede, and easily adjust to the foot, providing you with all the comfort you need for your everyday activities.

More than that, they are also one of the most versatile types of shoes. Particularly at a time when fashion is embracing casualty as the default look to go for.

With a pair of handcrafted casual sneakers for men by Carlos Santos Shoes, there’s a world of opportunity lying in wait for you. You can style them in a wide array of manners.

A pair of chinos, jeans, and even suits can be an option. You can match them with t-shirts, sweatshirts, or shirts. You can go for casual looks, shoot for the business personality, or give a chance to the more unconventional display of character.

Casual sneakers for men are a comfortable way of getting anywhere in style, comfort, and elegance. They are durable and versatile. 

After all, there must be a reason for them to have been elevated into the realm of collectible items, with some being relatively expensive to purchase. But one thing is certain: every cent is worth it.


Types of casual sneakers for men

There are many types of casual sneakers for men. To be fair, they can be categorized in almost any possible way. 

You can divide them into the most comfortable, the most fashionable, the most casual, the most stylish, the most business-like, and so on and so forth. 

But wherever you are about to wear your new pair of casual sneakers for men, they should be comfortable and elegant, and handcrafted in either leather or suede. 

So, before we delve into the world of how to wear them, let’s take a brief look into these two different options.


Leather casual sneakers for men

Within the context of casual looks, leather casual sneakers for men are the formal option. 

Their design should be clean and sleek, more appropriate for business and office environments, or a date with the wife or girlfriend.

Leather casual sneakers for men should be your go-to option for the more serious, yet casual encounters.

Suede casual sneakers for men

Suede casual sneakers for men are the opposite of their leather version: they should be chosen for the most casual occasions, such as friend’s barbecue party during the summer.

Think holidays, weekends, and strolls through the city. Think of exhibits and low-key cultural gatherings. Think of good times.

But don’t be deceived by the informality provided by a pair of beautiful, handcrafted suede casual sneakers for men. With minimal detailing and high-end craftsmanship, their versatility can also help you achieve a smart-casual look with ease. 

As long as you know how to wear them.


How to wear casual sneakers for men

Given their versatility, learning how to wear a pair of casual sneakers for men can be a daunting task. 

So, first thing’s first: whatever casual sneakers for men you end up purchasing, they should be able to complete three basic steps. They should fit your wardrobe. They should always be clean. And they should adapt to the occasion.

The fact is that all business sneakers can be included into the category of the casual sneakers for men, but not all casual sneakers for men can be business casual sneakers.

Usually, designer sneakers such as those you can find at Carlos Santos Shoes online store tend to be not only fashionable, but also the more versatile choice. You can wear them from business-casual suits and men’s smart-casual attires to full-on casual looks with t-shirts and jeans.

The key is to make a subtle and elegant choice that provides you with a dress-up, yet casual look. 

Wear them with business attires to tone them down. You can opt for a pair of slacks and a blazer to match your leather casual sneakers for men, which will keep you sharp and comfortable. Suggestion? Go for either brown or black.

White casual sneakers for men are more suited for the smart-casual look, or the casual appearance. The classic casual look is simple: jeans and a t-shirt. To jump into the smart-casual category, add a blazer or, instead of a t-shirt, wear a button-down shirt (and keep the blazer, if you need to).

The versatility the give you means you can truly make them your own and adapt their design to your own style.


Casual sneakers for men online

Made from high-quality leather, you can find casual sneakers for men online at Carlos Santos Shoes online store. 

Our men’s best casual sneakers include leather and suede casual sneakers for men in classic colors such as black, brown, or white, but also a few in Bosco or Wine Shadow – beautiful unique colors that boast personality.

From working hours to after hours, every pair of casual sneakers for men by Carlos Santos is handcrafted in Portugal, by a team of expert craftsmen and women. 

They are ready to take you anywhere you need comfortably and in style.