11 . 11 . 2021

Carlos Santos Shoes

Striving for Perfection with Rolls-Royce

Carlos Santos Shoes is among the exclusive and luxurious brands that were invited to celebrate the 110 Years of the Spirit of Ecstasy

The iconic hood ornament of the Rolls-Royce brand was celebrated for its 110th anniversary in a unique gathering that took place at the Grosvenor House in London.

The occasion marked the official launch of the luxury lifestyle book Strive for Perfection: Celebrating 110 Years of the Spirit of Ecstasy, for which a carefully and curated selection of high-end brands were invited to be featured.

Carlos Santos was the only luxury shoe brand featured in a collection produced by one of the world’s more prestigious and oldest car clubs: the International Club for Rolls-Royce and Bentley Enthusiasts in partnership with leading publisher St James’s House.

Luxury lifestyle brands were thoughtfully chosen for their good editorial fit. 

This means an editorial team of experts, enthusiasts, and trend-setters assessed the quality of our handmade shoes and deemed them elegant and sophisticated, on pair with the significance of the awe-inspiring models of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

Strive for Perfection is a beautifully designed hardback coffee-table book that charts the origins and undeniable influence of the Spirit of Ecstasy – a symbol that has transcended the world of high-end motoring become synonymous with unparalleled luxury and quality the world over.

The event was followed by the London Press Club Ball, with more than 1,200 guests gathered in the magnificent ballroom of Grosvenor House, where a younger generation of enthusiasts was drawn to the collective quality and elegance of the luxurious brands present.

Luxury shoes by Carlos Santos

When you walk on a pair of shoes for men by Carlos Santos, you are doing more than wearing a pair of luxury shoes. You are becoming a living part of the craftsmanship, sophistication, and exclusiveness that we have been perfecting over the years.