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11 . 5 . 2022

Handcrafted Shoes

Sacchetto Shoes

Sacchetto shoes are also known by a different name: Bologna shoes. The name comes from the construction method that is employed to handcraft them with unique attention to detail. 

The history of this system dates back hundreds of years ago, when Italian shoemakers first invented a technique for manufacturing a shoe that would seamlessly wrap around the feet, providing hours of comfort to anyone wearing them.

Today, the Bologna still remains a rare shoemaking art, practiced only by expert craftsmen knowledgeable of their Italian heritage. 


What are Sacchetto shoes?

The sacchettos are shoes that were handcrafted according to the Bologna construction system. Historically, this technique is mostly employed in footwear that boasts a simple and clean design, such as a beautiful pair of cap toe shoes or suede loafers made by Carlos Santos.

The sacchetto style is unique in its flexibility and comfort. Remember, this is an almost ancient shoemaking process. Centuries ago, master footwear craftsmen needed to balance both design and feel. This had to be done in perfect balance because people mostly walked everywhere. At the time, cushioning and comfortable feet were as important as flexibility or the type of shoe one would wear.

This was done by assembling footwear in such a way the sacchettos offered not only special softness but also the possibility to bend the shoe effortlessly, with minimal stitching made on the inside.

The end result is a type of construction system that allows us to create very light and flexible shoes, with a clean and elegant appearance.


Sacchetto shoe construction

The sacchetto shoe construction, or the Bologna system, requires hundreds of manual operations to be completed. However, its main feature comes down to the name it was given.

Sacchetto is also the Italian word for “bag”, and this is quite literally the format that every shoe takes under the Bologna shoe construction. The Bologna system is therefore defined by the same flexibility one can obtain from a bag-like structure, with an added layer of comfort that comes from the seamless soft interior. 

Sacchetto shoes are sewn without any seams that could possibly bother the feet of their wearer. Instead of using techniques such as the Goodyear Welt, which can be somewhat rigid, the sacchetto technique requires the upper to be stitched to a flexible lining. In turn, this gives shape to the bag-like layout which is supported by a soft piece of breathable material that adapts to the foot and provides extra comfort. Only then is the sole stitched on.

When purchasing a pair of sacchettos, you are acquiring a pair of handcrafted quality shoes that are light, flexible, and breathable – perfect for walking and wearing for long hours. 

Sacchetto shoes allow the natural movement of the feet, guaranteeing a unique fit.


Advantages of the Sacchetto construction method

Ultimately, the Bologna system – or the sacchetto construction method – is defined by the flexibility and comfort it provides the wearer. But the advantages of the Sacchettos also include the unique softness of the lining that is achieved without compromising the structure of the entire shoe.

On top of this, no synthetic glues or insoles are ever used, which gives them the feeling of putting on a leather slip-on instead of the many shoe styles it can be used for constructing a pair of these quality shoes.

Expertly designed, the Sacchetto construction method requires absolute dedication from our craftsmen and women, providing you with handcrafted shoes that are flexible, comfortable, and soft on the inside. 

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