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Lace-Up Shoes for Men

Lace-up shoes for men are in fact well known as a strong classic model. Why? Because the sole reason why certain items get so engrained in the social fabric of society is precisely their inherent versatility.

Such is the case why the timeless lace-up shoes, which may just be the most successful kind of footwear in existence. Having that said, the notion that practically everyone around you has a pair of these should not convince you that it does not matter which ones you wear. In fact, quite the opposite.

You see, if you decide to wear Monk Straps shoes or woven shoes, you are not going to face much competition in that department; if you want to stand out with lace-up shoes for men though, you will need the assistance that Carlos Santos Shoes was created to provide. Whether they’re black or blue, brown or wine shadow. More of boots man yourself? Well, you have them too, so stop wasting time and reinvent your wardrobe with a pair of lace-up shoes. You will be glad you took the advice – just trust us on that.


What is lace-up shoes?

Lace-up shoes for men are counted among the most common types of shoe. As the name suggests, lace-up shoes are closed by a shoelace through eyelets or lugs. Lace-up shoes for men can be divided into two main types: with closed lacing and with open lacing.



Men’s suede lace-up shoes

Not unlike all other elements of clothing, a pair of shoes can say a lot about the person who chooses to wear them. But, as you may know, buying a truly good pair of shoes is a process that includes a lot of other micro-choices that demand a certain amount of thought and reflection.

What kind of shoes do you want? Which ones suit you? What color do you want them in? And, perhaps, most importantly what material do you want them to made out of? If you’re considering suede then sit back and let us tell you why you may be on to something.

Suede is comfortable and lightweight, making it for good everyday wear, cementing it as a possibility for more formal days that can easily be turned more casual. How? Just pair them with a white shirt and some grey or black jeans and see the perfect combination take form.

Men’s suede lace-up shoes, in particular, are a true classic.

At Carlos Santos Shoes, we have a wide array of beautiful designs, that pack a real stylistic punch without being too showy, allowing you to maintain a solid sophisticated formality while showing a good amount of personality. As such, if your wardrobe is missing a pair of suede lace-up shoes, then it is sitting incomplete until you rectify that lapse.


Men’s leather lace-up shoes

If you want to create a real sophisticated look, then you need to understand how to pull off a delicate mix between modern and classic. You don’t want to experiment that much, in order to avoid committing fashion mistakes, but you also need to show you are a man that keeps up with the times, instead of being stuck in the past.

A good pair of timeless men’s leather lace-up shoes are a good way to achieve that. Why? Well, essentially, they possess an old school appeal that endows any wardrobe choice with a special air of class that makes any outfit look much more prestigious. If you don’t have them yet, well there’s something calling for some immediate action…