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Suede Boots for Men

Men's suede boots have been worn by both rock stars and common people. The fabric itself became immortalized by Elvis Presley, one of the most significant cultural icons in the XX century, with his song: “Blue Suede Shoes”.

Suede is a type of fuzzy leather, with a napped finish.

It is made from the underside of the animal skin, making it softer and more pliable than the outer skin layer. The process, however, makes a pair of men's suede boots less durable than the common type of leather. Owning a pair of luxury men's suede boots by Carlos Santos requires constant care and proper maintenance as, without it, the suede boots become very fragile. A few suggestions on how to keep and maintain a pair of suede boots can be found at the bottom of the page.

Due to the material used in crafting a pair of handcrafted men's suede boots, they are often deemed as a casual look, with most people agreeing suede is not acceptable in any formal occasion. However, that is an old rule, as fashion is always in transition and men’s suede boots show more versatility than one might initially think.

Suede boots are a classic piece of footwear that will immediately up your style and help further personalize your wardrobe, given the diversity of colours, patterns and textures it can attain.


Handcrafted suede boots

The handcrafted suede boots by Carlos Santos can be worn in a number of occasions that range from the high-end work meeting to the casual encounter with friends in a trendy pub, or a perfect chance to make an excellent first impression, without compromising an overall classic look.

Men’s suede boots can be easily teamed up with a suit to wear in the office or even a worn-out flannel shirt. When paired with smart casual jeans or a collared jacket, they are a great way to enjoy a smart outfit, allowing the day-to-day business to continue, with the certainty of wearing quality handcrafted boots.  When choosing a new pair of handcrafted luxury suede boots, keep in mind the occasion they will be worn in, as it will help define the colour of the suede boots.

Standard colours such as black or brown are a sure bet when paired with any trousers. Lighter colours will relate better to Spring and Summer outfits, while darker colours should be reserved for Autumn and Winter.

In order to properly maintain a pair of suede boots, first the suede must be completely dry, as the material is very fragile and can be torn apart if rubbed when wet. Then fill the handcrafted boots with newspaper or a shoe-tree, so as to retain the shape of the boots, while gently brushing the surface of the suede slightly, in short, gentle strokes, following the grain of the fabric.

Although they may not be practical for every occasion, suede boots can look extremely stylish.

Investing in a pair of luxury handcrafted suede boots by Carlos Santos is a perfect way to elegant up any wardrobe.

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