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Wingtip Brogue for Men

If you pride yourself on having a proper shoe rack, then you need, at least, a pair of wingtip brogue for men. Not only are they a perfect combination of smart and fashionable, but they can also add excitement to any outfit thanks to their refined and unique perforations. Originated in Scotland and Ireland, they quickly became a staple of sophisticated footwear. Adornments and other kinds of decorations tend to decrease the ability of some shoes to be used in formal situations, yet that does not happen with wingtip brogues, due to classiness of their designs.

Need the perfect companion for a business trip, but you also aspire to show some personality in the process? Grab a suit and a pair of wingtip brogues for men and you should be golden. Going to a friend’s wedding? Just switch it out for a shoe with more holes on it and you will achieve the perfect amount of casualness and refinement.


What are wingtip shoes?

Wingtip Shoes or “brogues”, as they are also known in Europe, are characterized by a painted toe cap that spreads toward the sides of the shoe in a shape that seems to resemble wings, hence the name “Wingtip”. That toe cap is usually decorated with many kinds of perforations.


Men’s leather brogues

Men’s leather brogues are one of those classic components of a sophisticated formal look that just can’t be beat. Whether you need something to pair a suit with or that jacket you like so much, you quite simply cannot go wrong with these shoes.

Men’s brogues make for absolute essentials in any shoe rack that prides itself on being complete.

Ideal for the black-tie events or outings with friends they can make any outfit pop due to their perfect balance between classic and modernity. If you want to look stylish and don’t have a pair of men’s leather brogues, the time to correct that severe mistake is now.


Men’s suede brogues

There is something inherently casual and cool about suede, which makes it perfect for those more relaxed days when you want to get the family together or simply go out with friends. After all, if you’re reading this then you probably want to keep some kind of refinement even in your hours of rest, because a true gentleman never forgets to be stylish. As such, have some slim chinos that need to be paired with something? Men’s suede brogues can make them pop anytime.

Can you wear them with those new jeans you just bought? What about the shorts you like to use in the summer days, when you go for a stroll in the city, after a day in the beach? Men’s suede brogues will do the trick, as they are all but guaranteed to bring an instant coolness to any and all outfits.

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