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Suede Loafers - Ethan Camurça Delave 521
Suede Loafers - Ethan Camurça Delave 521

Ethan 9633B

€ 252.00

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Whether you are an executive in an important meeting or a fashionable tourist strolling through a sunny street, Suede Loafers may be the most stylistic refined model of footwear to be using. Capable of taking you anywhere in style, these handcrafted Suede Loafers by Carlos Santos follow the Blake Stitch Construction System and are a limited edition. Available in Camurça Delave 521 colour.

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Shoe Care

Take care of your suede shoes with the brushes made for it. Passing in a delicate way, the brush will remove stains and dust, giving a soft touch to the model. Carlos Santos Shoes has a shoe care kit available with an appropriate brush for this type of sh

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