Leather Sneakers - Jayden Anil Daf Algarve
Leather Sneakers - Jayden Anil Daf Algarve
€ 307.00

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With a historical and relevant culture, leather sneakers are a fashionable and practical model of footwear, designed for the everyday life. These handcrafted classic sneakers Jayden for men are the perfect choice to ‘jazz up’ any shoe rack. Available in Algarve color. 

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Shoe Care

Take care of your leather shoes, using an appropriate wax or cream to cover the entire surface. With a cotton cloth, wipe gently to remove excess product. For Suede shoes, is important to take care by using a brush. Passing in a delicate way, the brush will remove stains and dust, giving a soft touch to the model. Carlos Santos Shoes has a shoe kit suitable for this type of treatment available on the online store.